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Audio Problems in Welsh

Hi. I am getting a problem when strengthening my skills. At first it works fine, but after a few questions the audio stops working.

I still hear the bing for getting it right or wrong, but no audio for the sentences. This makes the transcription questions impossible and the whole thing frustrating.

I am using Opera on Windows 7 Professional.

Any help would be great.

July 28, 2016


  • 2017

This is an unusual problem. My first suggestion would be to check whether you have the latest version of flash.

Otherwise you may find using another browser would help. Chrome seems to one of the most reliable and there is always Firefox and Vivaldi.

Otherwise have you tried the app version to see whether you may have a bandwidth problem.


This happens to me sometimes too, and I use Chrome. Found the only way to resolve it is to exit the browser and restart the lesson

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