"We are buying an apartment for our parents."

Translation:Kupujemy mieszkanie dla naszych rodziców.

July 28, 2016

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Shouldn't "Kupujemy mieszkanie dla swojich rodziców" be accepted too?


Yes, added. However, that's "swoich", without the 'j'.


I was thinking about "Kupujemy mieszkanie dla nasz rodzina" because I did not understand at all how the declension works here.. and for can be used as "na, dla or do".. how to decide or what is the logic used with "for"?


Nasi rodzice = Our parents (our = nasz/nasza/nasze/nasi/nasze depending on gender; rodzic = parent, rodzice = parents).

Nasza rodzina = Our family.

You should choose the case looking at the Polish word. In this case dla takes genitive, so: "dla naszych rodziców" or, in your sentence: "dla naszej rodziny".


but why "dla" and not "do" or "na"? and what polish word should I look to transform the rest?


If you are not very familiar with the case system, and it can be confusing, you should read some good reference on that on the internet (anything under 'polish cases' I suppose). Apart from universal or general case rules (like accusative for a direct object), prepositions and some verbs require a particular case (in particular meaning), e.g. o + locative, do + genitive, na + instrumental, potrzebować + genitive etc.

For is in most cases translated as dla like in the phrase "a gift for my mother". It can be also used in other contexts where it has a different meaning e.g. "for two hours". You have to learn which Polish preposition is used in a particular expression. Prepositions are always tricky and never translate directly, just like the Spanish prepositions like a can have several different meanings.


Nice... I tried to find something on internet but not so good... Ah you speak Brazilian Portuguese... Obrigado pela ajuda!!


I think even the wikipedia pages like this or this one do a very good job introducing this (especially the second one seems really practical and concise). If you have any doubts or questions feel free to ask.


Should "My kupujemy" be incorrect?


No, it's correct, but kinda clumsy - "my" is totally redundant because it's obvious from the verb's form what is the subject.

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