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  5. "Dyn ni eisiau mynd adre."

"Dyn ni eisiau mynd adre."

Translation:We want to go home.

July 28, 2016



Why not "we want to go homewards"? Adre means both home and homewards as far as I know


'to go home' is a common expression. 'To go homewards' sounds a bit odd. On this course we try and stick to common expressions as far as we can. There are too many uncommon variations to try and enter and maintain them all.


I thought I saw somewhere, either in the notes or in another discussion, that it's acceptable to write "isio" instead of "eisiau".


I found this post in another thread:

"isio, isie, isia, eisia and so on are just various common pronunciations of the word eisiau. They are so common that they often get used in informal writing as well as in conversation. eisiau is rarely pronounced anywhere in Wales as it is written!"

Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/14242625

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