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Course developers -- consider using "you-all".

"You all", "You-all", or "y'all" are all informal English, technically incorrect but widely used (at least in America), to get around the language's failure to distinguish between you-singular and you-plural.

It is common in other Duolingo courses to use one of these phrases to clarify learning the singular and plural versions in the other language.

I expect it would be a lot of work, but I think it would be a good idea to adapt the Hungarian course similarly. Thanks.

July 28, 2016



What other courses do you mean? There is no "you all" in the French or Norwegian courses, and I'm fairly sure it doesn't occur in the German course either (but I tested out of that one pretty quickly, so I may have missed it). I agree that "you all" should be accepted in the translations of Hungarian sentences using one of the plural forms, but I don't think it shouldn't be the default translation.


They use "you all" in the Italian language course.


I live in Belfast, here the local dialect uses "Yous". I don't know the official English why don't use different singular and plurar form.

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