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"Hány autó halad a folyó mellett?"

Translation:How many cars move beside the river?

July 28, 2016



"Next to" is incorrect?


Should be accepted.


What is with the use of “halad” translated as “move”? It is everywhere in this course, and I get it that it makes sense in Hungarian, but it is not natural to me in English. In this sentence I would use “drive” or “travel” or better yet write a real English sentence such as “ How many cars drive on / use - the road / highway (whatever it is) - by the / next to - the river.

In other sentences other vehicles, and people or animals “halad” in ways that could be more specifically translated by the type of movement they are making, such as traveling, hurrying, speeding, or even migrate etc.


Why is auto not in the plural form ?


With numbers and any word describing quantity, Hungarian uses singular.


How many cars are mowing beside the river - incorrect, why?


How many cars are mowing beside the river - incorrect, why?

mowing is what you do to grass when you cut it.

moving is what an object does when it changes location.

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