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"Twenty-five men are sitting beside the tables."

Translation:Huszonöt férfi ül az asztalok mellett.

July 28, 2016



Why ül is not at the end?


I feel that "ül" could also go at the end, if it's not accepted here then it's best to report it as an alternative answer .


I did report it myself, but now I see how the least important point of this sentence is exactly where they are sitting, so that comes last. I hope this is the correct way to look at it (word order)!


Same question here : why is férfi not in the plural form ?


That's the Hungarian way, the noun stays singular.


Why ül and not ülnek


When you quantify an object it becomes singular. It's like saying in english: "I have three car". Or, because you are learning spanish: "Tengo tres rojo coche aparcado" (all singular, because you said "Three")


The same TECHNICAL MALFUNCTION again, with the same situation as in the previous exercise. I completed the word correctly, and when I pressed CHECK, the word went pale and I got wrong answer response. This should really be fixed. It always happens with the sentences where a word needs to be filled in. It makes people lose the whole exercise. This is a serious fault, so please do something about it.


I thought it's my mind games only, but no)

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