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Regarding the randomness of sentence sequences ...

This is a general issue I've noticed ... and maybe Duolingo just works this way, nothing the course devs can do.

However, very often I get a Hungarian sentence to translate to English, and then immediately after, I get the same sentence in English, to translate to Hungarian (or vice versa). Maybe other people like this as some kind of reinforcement, but to me it feels too repetitive. I would like it better if the English-Hungarian pairs were spaced apart better.

Do other people see this a lot? Thoughts? Is this ubiquitous in Duolingo?

July 28, 2016



It's a Doulingo (technical) problem. The Hungarian course developers can't do anything about it.



I think part of it might just be that several of the Hungarian lessons are fairly small (only 5-ish sentence pairs total), so maybe these back-to-backs are just randomly more likely.


That would be my thought as well.


Maybe it will change when its out of Beta. My guess is the developers just wanted the course up and running for those that registered their interest, 20K users so far. Maybe when its up and running properly there will be tweaks to the course.

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