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Let's learn Latin!

I know the site is about learning languages from other countries, but Latin is used in every language! I think it would be great to do this because we can see where words are used in other languages and how they are altered. It's a real good language learning experience!

February 4, 2014



Salvete amici,

I have often commented about Latin in these forums so I will write my comments here and give links to the other Latin discussions here in case anybody is interested.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1054426 I'd love to learn Latin and Ancient Greek. Already do some Latin in my spare time but all very basic http://m.youtube.com/user/TuTubusLatinus?&;desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2FTuTubusLatinus


^^^ in response to another comment ^^^- lively discussion about Latin pronunciation and whether or not Latin is possible= HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING

I am fascinated by what you have to say and agree with most of you wrote about pronunciation. We will never know for sure as to what accent the Latin speakers had (my guess being the pronunciation varied much on the region) but we can tell how Latin speakers "pronounced" words. There are some old documents from roman schools and so on explaining how to pronounce the words. Let us not forget that Latin remained important longer after the fall of Rome and "acceptable pronunciations" have growth up over time. Namely Latin with Italian pronunciation ecclesiastical pronunciation and a constructed "classical pronunciation" I hope these videos helps a little in conveying what I am trying to say http://youtu.be/jgFz9FP5tDY http://youtu.be/oJiYIA_OZyw http://youtu.be/UNpDor5Iubo

A few other discussions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1479152 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1075714


TuTubusLatinus is my latin teacher at school :)

I think the Latin community is so strong that Duolingo wouldn't even need to hire any language experts to do this if they provided the tools.


Please thank him from me. His videos are beyond excellent and very enjoyable. And his series of videos about Aeneas were just perfect. Gratias tibi ago!


He's a great guy. Shame today's the first day of my holidays.


My understanding is that all the language "experts" are volunteers, and DuoLingo maintains only a tiny office staff. Incorrect?


Hmmm... Latin and Ancient Greek. Looks like we have a demigod here!


I want to learn Latin but I don't mind if duo doesn't make it


I speak a good amount of Latin. I would definitely be willing to contribute. I sent a request to Duolingo but they never replied.


I learned everything I know about Latin from this: http://youtu.be/IIAdHEwiAy8


while Latin is not yet ready, you should give German a try, just for having a taste of declensions.


I'm learning German right now


German is easy too. It is really close to english and they have the same roots so words sound the same too. On the early levels the grammar does not change the word position too much from english so you have to basically do a word to word translation. But spend a few minutes on Immersion and you realize that it is not so for all the sentences. That makes me see I have a long way to go.


And then you have all the cases... actually German might be the hardest language on Duolingo for English speakers at the moment.


@rick2047 At the start German is quite simple but once you get onto the more difficult stuff you have to concentrate a lot harder. You have the nominative, accusative, dative, genitive cases and you need to know how to use them all properly.
Just don't give up :D


Can you elaborate on this point? I didn't get you


Oh, I would have to disagree. Learning a new alphabet, extremely different grammatical constructions: I believe there are MANY languages more difficult for English speakers than German. I am far from fluent, but the point you make about more advanced issues certainly must be true of most languages. Maybe not Klingon and Esperanto, but any with a long history of development will have difficulties as bad as strong verbs.


Ha! If you think German is hard - try the Russian course! My personal observation is that my friends who took French first then find German hard, and vice versa. I will speak for this myself as I'm currently finding French hard - specifically to sink in. German was so much easier for me.


Die Übersetzung:

Deutsch macht Spaß! Ü


My background in Latin definitely made learning the basics of German much easier.


hahahaha classic!


5 lingots an excess- no way this is priceless!


I'd like to help with Latin as it's grammar and some vocabulary is natural to me due to my language's grammar system.

Latin is very logical language, declension system (nominative, genitive,dative, accusative,vocative,ablative) and adjective/noun/numbers inflections might be problematic to some at first but when you get used to it, as well as learning patterns such as "post + Accusattive) it's just building vocabulary.

If there are some I am willing to teach and make Youtube video on one declension with only feminine gender words. You can also contact me on facebook.

Have a look at this to get idea of declension for example: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/56978266/I-Nouns-The-Five-Declensions-II

Many Romance languages took forms for their vocabulary from accusative form (pons-pontem --> bridge, mons-montem --> mountain)


Hey GrgoCroatia,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


Good Idea! Starting a petition! :D I signed it! ;) :D


Signed !! I learned Latin a few when I was in a seminary


Petition was closed. Not enough signatures. We need to try this again as Duolingo has way more people now.


I REFUSE to believe they had more people interested, actually wanting to study KLINGON, than the mother tongue of hundreds of millions of language speakers... THAT is unfathomable. LATIN should be taught... I'd warrant it would get FAR MORE people than what we see for some of the really small languages they DO teach. I gotta believe there are THOUSANDS who would jump on a chance to learn Latin! I know I would!


I did not know about it ...

Please let me know ... if anything comes .. skupa@ueb.cas.cz


If you know how to teach it, then apply to teach it in the incubator. The more people that apply the greater the chance that it will work


I signed it, too. :D


Just signed it.


I signed it! :D


My husband and I have been talking about how great it would be to have Latin on Duolingo! We both studied it for a few years, but neither of us got to the point where we could read things well enough for it to really feel worthwhile. It would be amazing to have it on here.


I definitely agree!!


Agreed. I think the difficulty with Latin is that it is pretty unlikely they will find a sponsor willing to pay for Latin translations. However, I think someone who has studied even a little Latin has a big boost in learning to translate other languages. As someone else mentioned too, it would be a big draw for many of the language geeks including polyglot readers communities.


I want to learn latin so badly, my last chance was at the university but the courses were cancelled back then :(
So, please, please! make it possible


Hey Duolingo! Stop lingering. A lot of us want Latin, and there are many very talented people willing to contribute. Why are you waiting?


Let's band together and contribute to Latin, for the sake of the Ancient Romans and the Vatican!


I'm with you and I hope to see both Latin and Ancient Greek on DL. I've studied latin for 5 years at school, 30 years ago. I think I can refresh those memories ...


Same. I've always been interested in those two because so many writers, politicians, philosophers, and etc. knew Latin and Ancient Greek. I think it would be so fun to learn them.


Yes, Latin! I would love this course. However, I am learning latin for a short time in a school, so I would not be able to contribute the course beyond "begginer" lesson :(


Yeah, the ONLY two languages I came her to learn, and they don't offer either... Latin or Khmer (what they speak in Cambodia)... I can understand Khmer not being listed.. but LATIN??? REALLY???? Come on.. that's just Bullpoop.... That is the FIRST language they should have had on here...


I just got a new job at a Classical Education school. We are going to teach latin. I guess I'll have a teacher's manual or we will learn roots because I don't know latin. Classical Education knows the value of this language. How do we contact duolingo to make a latin class? if anyone wants to join in making this a reality I will help.


The first step is to apply as a contributor in the incubator for Latin.


There are many who wants to contribute, but the Latin course is still not on the incubator after two years this thread has been existing. I really wants to learn Latin.


Yes, why is this still a thing? We need Duolingo to give the okay for Classical Latin! Please, please, let's do this! I will help, moderate, whatever! Ad meliora!


I have been frustrated for 35 years that my high school didn't offer Latin. Consequently I took three years of Russian. When I went to college I further sated my love of languages with a year of Arabic and two years of French. But my desire for Latin has never left me. My memory of my French has, I'm afraid, and Duolingo is bringing back what years of neglect has done to my French.

This makes me see what an ideal platform Duolingo would be for Latin. After joining the Anglican Church I have memorized as much Latin as I could get my hands on. But, as a calligrapher and lover of medieval manuscripts, having the full ability to read the language that the scribes used when forming their biblical pages would become more than merely artistically gratifying.

I'm excited to read comments by many others who share my passion for Latin, and appear to have the skills to contribute to Duolingo to help create such a class. I'm truly puzzled why there has been no development in this area as this discussion has gone on for years now. I know for myself, I'd be willing to pay some fee to establish a module for what some people consider a "dead" language. It's ubiquitous appearance in both the history of art and in the church makes it no more dead than the Book of Kells, the notes of Leonardo Da Vinci, or Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel in Rome. Latin's time has come, Duolingo. What are we waiting for?


As someone who got a degree in Latin, I am 100% down for this idea. Since it's mostly based off of writing and reading, it would even fit Duolingo better.

If the day comes that they start on this project, I will definitely contribute as much as I can.


Make sure to apply in the incubator as a contributor. The more contributors apply for Latin, the greater the possibility that Duolingo will decide to put it in the incubator.


Hey Lucas-BP,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


I have just sent the Incubator application for a Latin course, or to be exact for three Latin courses, as I would be happy to participate in building the Latin course for any of the three target languages I am fluent in, these are English, German and Russian. Has anyone else applied to contribute? If yes, let us stick together. It might turn out as advantage, if there are enough people willing to contribute who may even already have a rough draft of the course!


Thanks for offering, I know there's at least 6 or 7 other people who have applied. Hopefully we will finally have Latin taught here - people have been talking about it for 3 years at least


I've always wanted to learn Latin! In my AP English class in high school we had to learn something like 200 Latin root words (I've forgotten most of them now) but I remember it being very helpful!


I would be willing to contribute and I think I could get the my old Latin teacher to help as well. How would we get such a project off the ground?


Apply in the incubator to teach it


I already have +16 on a Google post for this: https://plus.google.com/114758044254323467896/posts/ZqY3Q3XKxvz

I would love to see Latin on Duolingo :-D!


I just applied at the incubator. I await DL's response.


No response yet. I do not know the turnaround time, but it has been 6 weeks.


Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.


If Duolingo has Klingon and Esperanto, how can it not have Latin? It's only a matter of time....


so.. remind me again why latin on duolingo still isn't a thing yet?


Make sure to apply in the incubator as a contributor.


I love Duolingo, and I'd love to use it for teaching Latin.


I love Latin. It's crazy that duolingo has incubated Klingon before Latin. It doesn't make sense. Can someone explain?


Duolingo should have Latin


Latin has finally been added, hopefully some people on this forum will get involved.

Let's not get bogged down on classical and ecclesiastical (the consonant differences remind one of: ceceo and seseo, rhotic and non-rhotic English)

Pax et amor


I think you have to choose a standard though, either way. Ecclesiastical was the first draw for me, but the only substantial resources on that that I have easy access to are the British Library / National Archives courses https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/latin/ - I just don't think there's as much learning resource around as for Classical. Of course you may know more, so feel free to share :-)


Although there are exceptions, most major textsbooks focus on classical. Wheelock, JACT, Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, the Cambridge Latin Course and the Oxford Latin Course, for instance. The latter four have a lot in common with modern teaching methods, and thus more in common with Duolingo, although the JACT somewhat less so. It's a little more grammar-heavy, and it mainly uses adapted Classical texts (there is a JACT Greek Course as well, and both the Greek and Latin have methodological similarities with Athenaze's Greek Course). Although it is more detailed and goes more in depth into Latin grammar, I found its approach similar to the Mango Languages Latin course, which is paid, but imo pretty good. The other three start with conversational Latin and other more basic materials before going through Classical sources. CLC and OLC in my opinion are the easiest, but LLPSI is also pretty good for practice. All of them are excellent sources. In my opinion, Classical Latin would be more interesting for the course standard, but if it's the one picked, I believe some tips and notes on Ecclesiastical would be a good idea. Classical pronunciation demands more practice, especially its use of vowel length, being harder to learn from self experience, and is the one that informs poetic meter. So, it's the best pick for people who want to read Latin literature and better understand Latin poetics. Also, there is actually a myriad of Ecclesiastical pronunciations, and they don't represent well the original phonology of the Latin from which all Romance languages descend. The standard pronunciation used by the RCC is based on Italian and borrows a lot from its phonology, but the earlier RCC used different national phonologies before Italian was standardised by the Holy See. In other words, Classical is not just more neutral, but also more informative about how the language originally was and how it relates to different modern Romance languages. This is just my take, though, based on the points above. Whatever standard they choose, the course is still going to be great.


I agree - I think just on the resource base it has to be Classical, but your other points are valid too. Ecclesiastical can be largely summed up in a couple of paragraphs of differences - and it is somewhat simpler, certainly in pronunciation. As I live in Thailand, and am totally dependent on online and downloadable resources, Classical is my obvious preference.


I am waiting for it.


Nice mixture of languages you're studying there :D


Oh, thank you. :)


I co-ordinate a Latin class at our local U3A. We would be interested in a Duolingo Latin course


That would be awesome!!! I am home-schooled and I have to learn Latin, but there are no online Latin courses that I enjoy as much as this one. Since almost all of my friends are looking for the same thing, it would be such a great idea!


For all those who say Latin is dead, I recommend you the short essay "Lingua latina non mortua est in interneto" by a Classic's Mexican professor.


I'm French and I would like too to learn latin, it will be great!


Please can we have Latin? I took it in college years ago, from a professor who was teaching it to a few interested students out of the kindness of his heart and a love for the language. We only met once a week for two terms so I didn't get to practice much, and I've forgotten so much. I would love to learn it again.


So, is this dead already? It has been two years since it was posted and we still have nothing on incubator? It's sad that people prefer to learn Dothraki and Klingon than something so useful as Latin is. I am reading books from 1600's and Latin was so common that they put whole footnotes in Latin and I can't read them. Also, there are a lot of good books which were previously published in Latin that I can't read too. There is a lot of good knowledge we can't access.


Dothraki is not in the incubator and Klingon is in phase 1, meaning that you cannot learn it here at all because it has not been published yet.

I agree with you that Duolingo needs Latin (I studied it years ago and am really fond of relearning its basics!), but sometimes such a project takes years to be realized. All we can do is to show our appreciation and need for the upcoming Latin course.


Zan Gilani answered a question on the quora web site regarding plans for a Latin course on Duolingo: "Yes there are! We're lining up contributors and getting ready to (tentatively) begin building the course in the first half of 2016!" https://www.quora.com/Does-Duolingo-have-plans-for-a-Latin-course Is this reliable?


a primeira metade do ano passou e não há curso. Vamos DuoLingo!


Woow! Those are great news! Even if its a small chance ^^


Latin is here now, 5 years later!


So true! I would love to learn latin


I love this idea; I would be willing to learn.


I would love to see a Latin section. I have studied reading and parsing for a long time but never had the chance to speak, listen and compose sentences. To really get a handle on a language you need the oral aspect!


I would love to see a Duolingo latin module! It might help increase popularity of this language.


You couldn't be more right! Latin is used every day, and it is a great foundation for many other languages!


I would love to learn Latin. Duolingo would be a great way to learn it.


As Romance languages derive from Latin it would be of great help to those who learn them.


What about a kickstarter campaign for this?? I'd totally be in for $5 or $10 ... if everyone did that I wonder if we'd get enough funding to attract some people to do the translations...


PLEASE DO IT! I'm beginning to like this site and I REALLY want to learn Latin, though I hope the program's in English...


This is how a fictional latin course might look:

<h1>Basics 1</h1>
  • Lesson 1

    homo, vir, femina, ego, suum, puer, puella

  • Lesson 2

    tu, es, is, ea, id, et (-que, feminaque)

  • Lesson 3

    aqua, panis, edo, bibo, malum, lac

<h1>Basics 2</h1>

*Lesson 1

nos, vos, viri, feminae, lego, legimus, legitis

*Lesson 2

sumus, estis, liber, liberum, pueri, puellae

*Lesson 3

edimus, editis, bibimus, bibitis, cibum

*Lesson 4

caro, carnem, bonus, bona, bonam


*Lesson 1

salve, salvete, ave, gratias ago, sic, non

*Lesson 2

amabo te, bene ambula, paeniteo, mox

*Lesson 3

dies, nox, dico, dicisne, linguam, latinam

Tips and notes should explain the declination of nouns through cases, I think there should be a special skill which would only serve to practice noun cases, especially for nouns which don't follow the standard endings (N,G,D,A,V,Ab (sg,pl) - m: us, i, o, um, e, o, i, orum, is, os, i, is; f: a, ae, ae, am, a, a, ae, arum, is, as, ae, is; n: um, i, o, um, um, o, a, orum, is, a, a, is), such as magister, honor, civitas, virgo, tempus, carmen, navis, animal,... Also, if it would be possible, maybe it would be best to learn the present tense of verbs by different conjugations. First 1st conjugation such as amo, amare; firmo, firmare, then 2nd conjugation habeo, habere; doceo, docere, 3rd (e.g. lego, legere) and then 4th (e.g. finio, finire). Also, after the vocabulary increases, there should be a skill called sayings, which would list some known sayings - carpe diem (seize the day), vade mecum (come with me), per aspera ad astra (through hardships to the stars), res, non verba (deeds, not words), etc.


You've basically done half the work already. There's no reason for this to not happen.


In addition, the sayings and proverbs could have some sort of explanation as to why they end in these particular forms or whatever.


It would be cool to have a notes section with a first conjugation verb (e.g. Paro, Parare, Paravi, Paratus) and every other type (2nd, 3rd (io), 4th, conjugated every way it can be conjugated and every time you learn a conjugation that part that you learned changes color or something. It would also have the translations. I was just given this in my fourth year of latin and I wish it would've been sooner because it helps so much

e.g. (Fun fact. 'E.g' comes from the latin exempli gratia, for example)

Present Active Indicative -paro "I prepare" -paras "you prepare" -parat "he/she/it prepares" ……

In all the tenses Present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, future perfect

And all of those in the indicative and subjunctive and those in the active and passive.… Im getting too hyped for this…

I have all the charts but i dont know how to get them on here because they're on a private server:/ i can take pictures but I cant upload them


Cool stuff! Have you applied? We need you!


Hey RogueTanuki,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


May this great venture benefit us all!! My thanks and appreciation to you all for your efforts to bring Latin to duolingo!


I think that amor should also be in the first lesson. My first latin classes consisted of basic 1st group verbs like ambulo ambulare, amo amare, festino festinare....


Have you already tried to contribute to the course????


It's not very difficult to learn the Latin grammar, vocabulary and structure, but the pronunciation is vital. One has to learn speaking the language correctly as well as the writing. It should not be the Church's pronunciation, only the pronunciation that is used in England. Please!



why not? I think there should be classical pronunciation so that everybody can agree on it. I'm from Croatia and we have our own separate Latin pronunciation, so "caesar" is read "tseh-zahr", whereas the Romans would read it "kai-zahr"

  • 691

I do not see Ecclesiastical Latin being used, but I find it a pity, since it is actually a derogatory name for the Neolatin used in Europe until around the XVIII Century, where classicists were the first grammar Nazis and drove people to only use their national tongues, thus all but putting an end to the Republic of letters.


I agree, the only people in my circle of acquaintances that speak Latin are some Catholic and Romanian Orthodox clergy.


Technically, we don't know how the Romans would say it (can you show me one of them?), but if we are to go by the Classical pronunciation, it would be "kai-sar", not "kai-zar". And besides, Classical Latin does not mean "Church Latin". The latter is called "Ecclesiastical Latin" and differs from the Classical form in many ways (notably the "V" pronunciation). But still, the course should be in Classical Latin, because that is what most substantial literature (other than the Vulgate Bible) was written in.


Medieval Latin literature is rich and beautiful. From Late latin (augustine) to st Columba. Wonderful literature. Abelard. Good stuff.


I would add that we should have classical Latin because it's Caesar's Latin and reading Caesar's histories is the classical reason for learning Latin. Classic Latin training will teach people to understand their dogma anyway. As you mentioned they can pronounce their v's a v's instead of w's.


I think you don't understand how awesome Medieval Latin is. Nor the historical benefit. Such wonderful literature. Renaissance Latin as well. Both are considered ecclesiastical. Martin Luther wrote his theses in Latin. Medieval Latin is beautiful and to watch the language change and see the divergence of say Latin and French...Awesome.


Keltickrab - if you want beautiful medieval Latin try Italian. It's Dante's Latin that Italy brought back when they decided to nationalize one language. I find it the most beautiful language I've learned yet. After that your "medieval" Latin is the scholarly Latin - that Europe and the church tried to keep up long after Latin was no longer spoken but morphed into French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian as well as others that came up from the Roman empire including English. Really, the scholars Latin you speak of is long after it was any countries language and is still well understood by learning classical Latin - often the training for the people learning Latin in Colleges as opposed of straight through the church. Deciding to skip classical Latin is really throwing out the language. And as I said, if you actually want to learn real medieval Latin and I mean the most beautiful of it was decided by Italy to be Dante's, try Italian. They have it here on Duo. I already took it. It's worth it.


Definitely Classical pronunciation!


I love this idea. I think its one of the more used languages in the world.


Even if it is a death language


I love this idea! I'd be willing to help design the course!


Academics use Classical Latin, not Vulgar Latin (which turned into the Romance languages), so expressions, metaphor, and slang are non-factors, as are terms for modern technology, since its use preceded such inventions. Like ten people with a Latin dictionary and declension/conjugation guide could do most of the work and make this course, and a couple Latin scholars could just go through and check for errors in nuance and connotation.


That would be awesome!!! I am home-schooled, so I have to learn Latin, but I cant find any helpful sites. Many of my friends have the same problem, so it would be a useful addition!


guys we need more signers ^^^^^^


I am homeschooling mom and want to teach the kids latin. It is a great language to learn for multiple reasons, most of which have been expressed already in previous posts. We use duolingo for spanish, would love to have latin offered as well!!!!! Latin is very popular with homeschoolers, this would be a great resource for us!!


Don't forget some ancient greek too. Both are important.


I am French and I am interested in learning the Latin language again. It was taught to me in high school, for four years, but there is a very long time and I've forgotten a lot.


i'd really love to learn latin, so if people set this up that would be super cool


I'd love to contribute, too :) I've been learning Latin for a while and it is wonderful :)


I agree and would be willing to contribute


I would love a Latin course, however, you need to listen to and speak a language in order to really learn it. Big parts of Classical Latin's pronunciation have been reconstructed, but you'd need to find a person (or better several people) who've mastered the known Latin pronunciation and who is (are) willing to record the audio. If the used pronunciation for the course is the English one or whatever, I won't choose the Latin course, although I love the language.

I would love being able to speak Latin so much. At school we only translate from Latin to German (my native language), and I think I'm the only one in my course/class who can translate at least anything from German to Latin. You can't learn a language when you don't translate into it. So I really hope when they create the course (I'm convinced they will eventually), it will be good with good audio.


I'd be willing to contribute. I am in my 4th year of latin and love it.


I think Latin is a huge lack in Duolingo, I would love to have such a course. The closest to an hypothetical Duolingo's style Latin course I know is this one http://www.micaelinguae.com but it would be good to have that built on Duolingo. And I think it would be good also to have Latin spoken in both pronunciations, Classical and Ecclesiatical...


Latin is in the incubator!


I personaly think that would be awesome maybe if lots of people comment the'll add it


Commenting won't add it; we need volunteers.


i would love this!


As a Latin teacher, I would love to contribute to this and to give my students another online resource!


Hi CSmith476, you could notify your availability filling up the form at: http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

I'd like to join as a beta tester when and if you begin. I've studied latin for several years 30 years ago but not enough to teach it. Many thanks.


Yes I know, and once the semester ends for Winter, I plan to.


Ok just applied. We shall see.


No response in over a month :(


Well I personally can't wait for Latin to be on Duolingo and I want to thank everyone who is trying to make that possible, so thanks CSmith476!!!! Turn that frown upside down! :)


well done ! I can't wait for the lessons to begin.


I don't know if I can be of help, but I would do what I could. My latin is very rough, just a few courses worth, but I love it, and it's a really good thing to get onto duolingo!


me too, but I can write a quick story, with some mistakes as well: Olim, fur nomen Pseudolus. Eum ambulat ad urbs nomen romam et capit aurem de rex nomen Jacobus. Jacobus, autem, videt Pseudolus, et iussit vigiles capiat Pseudolus ad carcer. Itaque, Pseudolus currit ab rex, se, eheu, vigiles et rex capiat Pseudolum. Pseudolus igitur, ad rex inquit, "O improbissime, abi in malem crucem." Deinde, in carcer, Pseudolus inveniit fistula plumbea et interfecere rex nomen Jacobus. Laetus igitur abivit.

Once, there was a thief named pseudolus. He walks to the city named rome, and takes the gold of the king named Jakob. Jakob, however, saw pseudolus, and order policemen take pseudolus to jail. Therefore, pseudolus runs away from the king, but, alas, the police and king take pseudolus. Pseudolus therefore, says to the king, "you scoundrel, go to h'll". THen, in jail, Pseudolus finds a lead pipe and kills King Jakob. Therefore, he happily left


Here is a grammatically correct version of your story:

Quondam, fur nomen cui erat Pseudolus. Ambulat ad urbs, nomen cui erat Roma, et capit aurum regis, nomen cui erat Jacobus. Jacobus, autem, vidit Pseudolum, et iussut vigiles ut capiat Pseudolum ad carcerem. Itaque, Pseudolus currit a rege, sed, eheu, vigiles et rex capiunt Pseudolum. Pseudolus igitur, inquit regi, "Perfide, i ad infernum!" Deinde, in carcere, Pseudolus invenit plumbum et interficit Regem Jacobum. Igitur, abivit laete.


Could you please point the errors out? I changed a few words just to make it more literal. Also, you claimed the story as your own, so apparently you can't "write a quick story" if you really pulled it from your textbook. I would also like to inquire as to whether this story is in Classical Latin. This could be why my version is different from yours, as I wrote in Classical Latin, and if you used Ecclesiastical Latin, for instance, then there would be differences. In addition, could you tell me the name of your textbook, as there are definitely grammatical errors. For example, "Eum ambulat" literally means "He/She/It walks him," which is impossible because ambulo is intransitive. "Eum" should be in the nominative, not the accusative, which would be "is" (it isn't even required, as the verb ending betrays the object well enough).


actually some of your corrections were wrong, I literally just pullled an excerpt from my latin textbook, and added my name as the king, thanks for the help though.


oh, I am very sorry, the textbook one was actually another comment, so what I wrote was actually my own writing, so thanks for help with it, as I am truly not the greatest latin speaker on earth


Just wondering if you knew Latin is on here now? You could apply to contribute! Please do!


Hey Magister_Smith,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


My understanding is that the only reason why there isn't a Latin course is because people who know it aren't interested in creating it. It's a shame that Klingon and Esperanto have a more enthusiastic group of speakers willing to create a course than Latin.


Incorrect. Some of us (like me, but others as well) have applied to start the course on more than one occasion.

As a Latin teacher, I would love to get this going.


I'd really love to learn Latin and Greek.


I would sign up for Latin for English speakers.


Yes, this is an amazing idea, I want Duolingo to have Latin too!


I want to learn latin! Will anyone do this course please?


Mucho talko: no actiono. The romance languages came from Latin, aka: Latium, aka: Rome, aka: romance language, aka: Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, France. Ain't there nobody that can get us started in a Latin course? Please. Please?! . . . . . . . . .


I think that it's a good idea, because learning Latin would help a person learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and soon, Romanian (all Latin-Based languages). The symbol for latin could be Pompeii.


Yes! Learning Latin is useful in so many ways! Everywhere from reading medieval manuscripts to understanding a modern word you've never heard before.


If you want to learn latin now you can use memrise it's not as good as duolingo but it works : http://www.memrise.com or http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/latin/


I love that website!


they should do this i studied for a while but latin is to complicated to learn threw a search engine. plus learning small words is good at first but in complete sentences its gets way extreme with all kinds of switchups going down salvete


i really want to learn latin


I would do the class


Would love to see a Latin course.


I really want to learn Latin because it is in almost all romance laugauges


No. Latin is the ancestor of all Romance languages. They all evolved from Latin, which is an Italic language descended from Proto-Indo-European, which is the common ancestor of all Germanic, Indo-Iranian, Celtic, Balto-Slavic and Hellenic languages, plus Albanian and Armenian, and the extinct language families Tocharian and Anatolian (I would love a Hittite duolingo course!)


The term "Romance" here basically means "from Rome," so it is in them all, as it is their progenitor.


its true latin is use full to people like us WE WANT LATIN


I'm all for Latin on Duolingo, but your statement that "Latin is used in every language" is incredibly Eurocentric.


Please, please, please, please PLEASE create a Latin for English speakers course! If anyone knows Latin and can contribute, it would be super appreciated!


I signed up to create a Latin course, but I have had no reply from Duolingo.


I have. Twice, without reply.


I think a Latin course is a great idea. Having four years of secondary school Latin study (up to the advanced level of reading classical texts) and planning on undertaking further in-depth study in the near future, I would love to be a contributor if able. With a little brushing up, I could without much effort return to a relatively "fluent" level.

My experience is with classical pronunciation and am naturally biased toward that style.


Also, I'll make a point to sign that petition.


So I noticed that the petition has been closed; does that mean that Latin won't become part of duolingo programme, or is there a way to get it re-opened. Cause it'll a great learning tool for those looking to take on the Romance languages.


2 years, 450 comments, and still no Latin course.
I'd love to learn Latin. It's not useful for most people, but I'm a language teacher (Spanish and French) so for me, it would be useful.


Mind you, they have courses coming in KLINGON... yeah... like millions of people are itching to learn how to talk like a Klingon... unreal... the "mother tongue" of 5 languages... and contributor to many others... a course that actually helps many to learn languages (including English) much better and improves their understanding of grammar--- but nope... Klingon comes first!


The Klingon does boggle my mind. They also have Quenya and Sindarin (Elvish) in the list of languages to upvote, or whatever.
BTW, Latin is the mother of at least 7 living, national languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, French, Romansch, Italian, and Romanian) and at least a few other, non-national ones (like Occitan and Sardinian.) How many Romance languages there are largely depends on where you draw the lines between a language and a dialect, so maybe just those nine, and maybe hundreds.
Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I want to learn Latin. Since I speak Spanish and French, I already know a ton of Latin vocabulary, and I basically know the verb conjugations. Plus, I'll never be fluent enough in Hebrew or Modern Greek to be able to teach those, but Latin is a different beast entirely (since it's primarily taught for reading knowledge, not for production.) (I still want to take a few living Latin courses, eventually.)


I've applied as a contributor to a Latin for English speakers course, as well as an English for Latin speakers course, because although next to nobody is actually a "native Latin speaker", the majority of translations are done from Latin to English, so having both ways might be useful for many!


Hey CharAU95,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


I transcribe old documents written in English, but often, especially with Parish registers there are notes in Latin, or the register can go on in Latin for decades of records. There are lots of times where Latin would just come in handy, gravestones, history, etc. It is so interesting to see the origins of words of several languages, not least English, that are based in Latin. It would perhaps give us a ''leg up" when studying other languages.


In response to Julia947372's frustrations:

Ecclesiastical Latin arrived relatively late on the scene, and is only one step, even only one branch on the Latin historical tree. If you are interested in getting deeper, maybe look at the Catholic Church, as they either may have classes or resources. It's been maybe 20 years since I've been in a Catholic bookstore, yet I recall they had many resources (in Detroit, at least, I haven't checked here in Houston).

Maybe concentrate on the form you want to read the most. Are you interested in reading Pliny and Marcus Aurelius in the original tongue, or maybe reading the great scientific works of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton in their slightly different alteration of the language? My suggestion is to learn with proficiency the form of Latin you are interested in most, and once you have it relatively easy, then slip into other styles. Be prepared, as the declensions and forms are not as easy to pivot as English. Here's a great video discussing the formation of good grammar in Latin from Monty Python's "Life of Brian": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIAdHEwiAy8

Some colleges offer credit or even CE classes as well. I have not really found a good beginning to end online course, and I have a ton of problems with even the popular 'Wheelock's Latin' book course, though if you have more than a basic familiarity, it may prove useful.

As far as online resources, I like and use http://www.thelatinlibrary.com/classics.html. Also, for printed works, try to find editions in the Loeb Classical Library, where the original Latin is on the left side of the page, with a concise English translation on the right, with (sometimes) notes on different manuscript inclusions and translational cues. With a good dictionary or concordance, you will be more than well on your way.

Latin is not dead. It survives in our language to this day, and especially if you speak in the arenas of law, medicine, mathematics, history or science, you already know some of the language, and cognates are plentiful in our everyday usage.

I know you will do well, and I hope this note helps and encourages anyone wondering whether they can/should pursue the language.

To my mind, the answer can only be "etiam"! (And unfortunately in Latin, there are maybe half a dozen ways I could have said that!)


Thank you for your kind reply and links. My problem is I'm both interested in reading Seutonius, St. Augustine (in the original Latin), and viewing the pages of the book of Kells and seeing the language as well as the beauty of the words on the page (perhaps too tall an order for one lifetime?), the latter fitting in with my hope to understand the differences in contemporary Church Latin. However in 800 B.C. when the Book of Kells was written, I frankly don't know which branch of Latin we would be dealing with. Note, I am Anglican, not Roman Catholic. My knowledge of the history of Ecclesiastical Latin is weaker than that of Classical Latin (other than it is, as you've said, a later derivative of the post-Constatine II period). My observation has been that those with a good foundation in Classical Latin have little trouble with Ecclesiastical Latin, in my Church at any rate. If I were Roman Catholic that would likely be different, I suspect. A good foundation in the classical language is really all I am looking for. I appreciate your suggestions, however, and will follow up on the links. What I didn't mention is I am a recent Expat to Australia, so courses in the United States don't work for me. But again, thank you for taking the time to answer and recommending some online resources. Cheers!


Considering Duolingo is creating a course for Klingon, it would be cool if it also featured Classical Languages like Latin and maybe even Sanskrit. Sure, they are not spoken now, for the most part, but they both have a wealth of literature.


I know! I've been saying the same thing! All we can do is hope enough people want to read Pliny, St. Augustine et al. and that Duolingo will see THAT as important as Klingon.


Seneca, Vergil, Livy


Cicero, Augustus, Seneca.


And Seutonius, and Marcus Aurelius, et al. ;-)


I don't understand why we have two fictional languages on Duolingo and Latin not yet.


Probably because the courses are made by the users, not by duolingo itself... If you have checked the collaboration conditions you just have to prove you are fluent in both the languages in the course (the one the course is in and the one the course teaches). It seems among the klingon and high valyrian speakers more people is interested in creating a course, than of those who speak latin or ancient greek...
And the ones who speak latin usually work with it more as something to just translate, to read and write instead of using it (a pity, from my point of view). So yeah, it would be great to find lating speakers and convince them to create a duolingo course. Once it's started and they announce it as a course in progress, I hope more people would collaborate.


Yes! Thank you so much! I made a petition for this, please sign it! https://www.change.org/p/duolingo-latin-on-duolingo


Studied Classical Latin since I was 12 and now in my fourth year of teaching it. A Latin Duolingo would certainly be handy in reinforcing to learners that Latin isn’t just a written language (the impression most learners have in the UK), it really was a spoken language.


Hey semperdormiens,

Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


and apply to contribute!


I like the learning style of Duolingo and would love to continue learning Latin on here, rather than the book I am using. Please feel free to sign this petition for those wanting to learn latin!

(P.S. it is not my petition, I just found it.)


Had anyone who had applied for creating the course received a reply?

I dont't speak Latin. I actually wanna learn it. I am willing to take on project-managing the creation of a Latin course on Duolingo. I'd try banging their door more if that's what's needed.

If Duolingo does not hear us then I'm willing to develop a mobile app with basically the same functionality, where we can make this Latin course come to life.

Please give this comment a like if you support my idea, and comment on my comment if you have a valuable comment. If I see enough support I'll start working.


If you do end up making an app, can you put it on this discussion so I can download it?

PS I only have the Amazon appstore.


Latin legal dictums are alive and well in law, and it is educationally embarrassing to use them without knowing if they are grammatically correct in a particular context. In general, if a dictum is plural, how do you make it singular, or vice versa, et cetera? I represented myself, pro se, in civil-rights actions for over 15 years, and one of my sore spots was that I am not educated in Latin, and yet there is nothing quite so effective as quoting a Latin dictum--along with citing a modern case--to demonstrate that a doctrine of law is well settled. Black's Law Dictionary is so full of Latin phrases that it is both an education in ancient law and in Latin itself. Even so, the pronunciation of those Latin phrases in court is said to be a homocide of Latin. I would like to learn Latin, and I have acquired some books for doing so, but I am not sure what pronunciation would be best. Court style? Probably not, but I also have reservations about learning ecclesiastical pronunciation, even though I would want to read the Vulgata as a part of enjoying and learning Latin. Would we need three or more pronunciation tracks with the written material: Court-style, classical and ecclesiastical? I would dump court style since it is not likely to be any more rule-bound than a court itself (been there, done that). On balance, I would probably side with classical, but why lose fluidity with actual modern speakers of eccleasiastical Latin? These are hard calls. By comparison, Duolingo chooses South-American Spanish over the Spain's Spanish, and Duolingo chooses one version of French over what must be a multitude of other possibilities, so a decision can be made. All said, I look forward to a course in Latin on Duolingo.


I've mentioned this in other comments, but I think a neat way to do it would be to have a Classical Latin tree, but with lessons in Church Latin and Legal Latin which you could buy in the store with Lingots.


It would be nice to find some Duolingo enthusiast from Vatican to contribute. It could be they state project even, it is their official language after all. I do not know how active these contributors are that we have now. In any case i hope that I will start to learn it soon.


Glad to see Latin's in the incubator. I'm assuming Classical? I'd love to see extra Church Latin lessons you could buy with Lingots!


Latin has arrived to Duolingo! Wiiiiiiiii!


You can see which languages are in the Incubator on the right side of the discussion page, under the sections. It is not in there, but it would be good to work on! The only problem is that Latin seems to be dying out. Not many people know it anymore, and it may be hard to find contributors.


The only problem is that Latin seems to be dying out. Not many people know it anymore, and it may be hard to find contributors.

I have already seen one highly qualified Duolingo user expressing eagerness to create a Latin course. We also have at least one other user who is fluent in Latin. It doesn't take a huge number of people to make a course; I think there will be enough.


Okay, I stand corrected! :)


Yes. And even if it was (it isn't, Doctors and Linguists use it), this could help preserve it.


Not to mention musicians, clergy, classical scholars, archaeologists, historians...


Yes... We could go on... it's not dead.


... it's just resting.


"Dead" would imply not in use. Latin is not in use as a spoken language anymore, however, it IS very much still alive and in use throughout MANY fields of work, as Ricaloca mentioned above. Therefore it is in fact much more alive than any of the other dead root languages such as ancient Germanic or Sanskrit. It has simply become more like a tool than a language.


Latin revival on the way? Perhaps, never before have people been able to take up so many languages with such ease and accessibility as here on duolingo- let us challenge ourselves and bring back what was perhaps the greatest tongue of old.

Why learn Latin www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdjYBDD8b2I

And something to wet the appetite while we wait (to be accepted as moderators!) www.youtube.com/user/TuTubusLatinus


Latin has being undergoing a quiet revival for some time - see these for enlightenment! https://www.amazon.com/Harrius-Potter-Philosophi-Lapis-Philosophers/dp/1582348251 Almost 30000 reviews to say nothing of actual sales! And, the daily news.... http://ephemeris.alcuinus.net/


Those reviews are not specifically for the Latin version. Amazon has a habit combining reviews for different versions.


Well.. I'd vote for Latin but I wouldn't call it the greatest tongue of old... Did you know that Ancient Hindi, Hebrew and even Ancient Egyptian, when pronounced in the correct way and under the right conditions, will set up a vibrational frequency that will result in the letters manifesting themselves in sand, salt, iron fillings or whatever other suitable substance is used. Like magic... This is why it is commonly believed that the ancient Hindu's and Hebrews were considered Mystics, and magicians. IE: The three wise men from the bible. They were the 3 "MAGI", the magicians from the East. Speakers of ancient Hindi and Hebrew... http://www.world-mysteries.com/sci_cymatics.htm


Dont we have dictionarys and the internet though? Latin to english dictionarys may be hard to find though


i'd be hard to learn, but fun


It will be fun, but not that hard. Latin has a bad reputation because of the old fashioned teaching methods - which is why having it in Duolingo woul be so great!


doesnt it have like 90 different forms of every verb though?


No, the verbal paradigms are pretty similar to those of the romance languages in size, actually. Is it possible that you are mixing up with ancient greek? I'll admit, though - I haven't actually counted the forms. The biggest difference from romance languages would be the case forms, but learning this is extremely helpful for understanding grammar in general.


The difference is that Latin is more precise with grammar cases. The rest is more-less the same as modern Romance languages have it, like conjugation. As maria.nils said, if you learn Latin your doors are opened to many other languages from Europe, including Slavic ones which many people find difficult mostly due to declension system, which is a bit easier in German.


Oh god, don't remind me of ancient Greek. Middle Voice??? No thanks.


I think this is a great idea! Latin influences almost all Germanic and Romantic languages. This would be a great course, very enlightening. But I do agree with some of the other posts, that it would be very difficult to find someone with knowledge of Latin, as its presence has slowly diminished. Great idea though!


Hence, Romance.


Latin also is a Romance language...


Yes; the original.


It has influenced all languages in Europe. Most of Slavic languages Latin grammar system and there are as well many verbs and pronounce very similar to Latin ones. In Croatian, which is one of most influenced Slavic languages by Latin, the similarities are bigger than with the German. =) As for English, it's Germanic languages which just uses more foreign words than original ones but can't count as Romance, it's just pure absorption without caring for original heritage.


There are many great Latinists out there. I think the trick is trying to lure those talented people into Duolingo. My own primary interest is Latin, but I have a long, long way to go. Actually, it was in a Latin forum I heard about Duolingo for the first time!


Latin is my second language. I'd love to help with the course, but I keep getting stuck on the page asking you to volunteer. It doesn't allow me to submit. I don't understand why.


I can walk u thru it. I just successfully applied and got a reply from Duolingo. But I don’t know Latin.


I love this idea, and I'd be willing to contribute!

/edit: has anyone recommended the book LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA yet? my university uses it for teaching spoken latin classes and i think it's pretty great!


Yay that would be great


You know Latin? Interesting!


I also know and speak Latin. This is my 15th year learning it. I also teach it here in the states. This would be great to make Latin more accessible.


Well, I've been studying it for about ten years, and I do teach it as well. It's mostly translating from Latin to German (I live in Germany), though, which is taught in schools here. I only know a handful of people actually interested in spoken Latin.


please PLEASE PLEASE do it. I've always loved latin and never found a good place to start. Right now I'll go for Italian and some other latin derivates.


Is there a group for Latin on Duolingo we could all join?


No there is not a group for Latin. I do believe that they should get Latin on here because i'm taking a Latin class and would love to learn more on here.


Same, although, it should be a one way course because it is a 'dead' language although I hate to say it. I love Latin and a Latin-English course would do wonders and help consolidate or just learn Latin. It is a great skill to have.

[deactivated user]

    this if for kdrussell. Latin is not a dead language. It is a commonly spoken language across Italy.


    no, latin is dead. Italy uses italian, which is different (though not by much)


    I would be quite happy with a German to Latin course too! (that is, Latin for German speakers)


    And at least some tips on German for Latin speakers would be great :)


    I am also interested in spoken Latin. I have been studying it since I was 13 and this is my fifth year teaching it!


    I am interested in spoken Latin, if only so I can read better.


    Another latin speaker! What type of latin? Gratias ago Deo, quod dico intelligere!


    I've been taking part in a 'colloquium Latinum' since last semester and we're trying (emphasis on trying, I guess :D) to speak classical Latin (regarding grammar and vocabulary) for the most part.


    Classical Latin is definitely better than ecclesiastical Latin. In my Latin class, we all have (including my teacher) decided to try hard to only speak classical Latin. It definitely sounds cooler than ecclesiastical Latin; ecclesiastical Latin sounds like Italian.


    my teacher teaches me fun, and kind of untaught phrases in latin, such as O improbissime, abi in malam crucem. (not directing that at anyone by the way. (this translates to , You scoundrel, go to h'll


    Very useful for medical and scientific fields


    that is what I am studying, but you are probably much better.


    salve sis, ego intelligo latinum quoque. Hello, I understand latin too


    @NightGem222 That's Spatin (Spanish-Latin)! :) I believe you meant to say "Salve! Quid agis hodie? Es bene! Dico linguam Latinam et dicebam in schola!" Very close, though!


    @NightGem222 I believe you mean scio then, because that means to know, and sico doesn't exist :)


    Salve! Quid agis hodie? Es bien! Sico linguam Latinam y dicebam in scholam!

    It's been a while and I hope I got that grammar right!


    @samkram10 thanks but I meant sico which means to know. I'm so glad there are more Latin speakers!


    *sorry, It should be Salvus sis.


    I am interested in spoken Latin.


    Same but at school we just learn Latin-English written translation. It is a very good skill to have and I am almost/basically and fluent reader.


    please do it. i am an actor and there a surprising amount of roles that require spoken latin


    What if we teach it as a language where you can use the stems to understand not necessarily it as a language alone but how it is applied to other Romance languages/English?


    please do it, four year later and people are waiting lol


    please apply to contribute to move things along if you are still interested


    If you go to incubator.duolingo.com, you can sign up to be a contributor for Latin for English speakers


    I have twice, without reply unfortunately. I teach high school Latin and would love to start this course.


    Please try applying again. I just applied and got a reply. But I don’t know Latin so any Latin teachers and students please apply or reapply!


    Please don't give up. I follow you on TinyCards and am very grateful you posted Latin card decks there. Personally, I use Latin in church every week and would love to have a course on Duolingo to help me improve my understanding of the language.


    Latin has been added to the Incubator! Please apply to contribute! https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/la/en/status


    I would do so if I only spoke the language!!


    Most people don't speak the language so much as read it. I think.


    Thank you I did that.


    I'd also be willing to do so.


    I did 4 years of secondary school Latin with Lingua Latina, and I really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of the so-called "natural method" that involves a narrative text like this one and an emphasis on actually developing some speaking proficiency in Latin (as a foundation for future language study and to improve retention).

    I think it would be a good source to help with building a Duolingo Latin course, mostly in regard to how vocabulary and grammar are introduced (obviously the story component can't really be replicated).


    If you go to incubator.duolingo.com, you can sign up to be a contributor for Latin for English speakers. please do so cuz that would be awesome! I need to brush up on my Latin for sure but I may be able to help as well. I've had four years of latin.


    I'm a Latin teacher and would be happy to contribute, but I don't see Latin on the dropdown list of options to contribute.

    • 691

    You have to type the language name yourself. People have been asking Duolingo to include Latin in the drop down list for ages, but you have the option of typing the language name regardless of the drop down list contents.


    Yea, I applied too (twice) and have not heard back.

    I would love to have this course for my students.


    Hello, did you start it ? :)


    rian501, I did go to the Incubator, clicked "help create a course" and, in the list if languages you would like to teach, I clicked "Other" and wrote Latin fot English speakers. It said I would be notified if they got enough proposals to start working on it. As you arr a Latin teacher, you can do the same thing in the Incubator. Please do so, then we'll be closer to creating a Latin course!


    please please please do it


    I've studied it off and on. I definitely not fluent but I probably could help a little



    Please, please, please! Apply again, in this very moment this course has 0 contributors and it could be erased again!


    I visited Change.org to investigate your petition. Closed to new sigs. Supposedly submitted to something called "DuLingo" (sic), which may explain why there has been no response. Like Duolingo itself, I'm sure Change.org is largely staffed by well-meaning, if inept folks. Maybe a second attempt at a petition should be attempted. My feeling is that Duo is certainly aware of the interest in a Latin class. They may feel that it falls outside their parameters for new languages, for whatever reason, possibly because there is no one definitive version. Here's hoping I am wrong.


    I agree, I think the fact that it was sent to Dulingo (sic) instead of "Duolingo" is a non-starter for this petition. Duolingo should, due to the amount of comments over the last three years be aware of the interest. The funding for developing these modules comes from somewhere I imagine.

    If they are really developing Klingon, sone dedicated Star Trek developers are working hard in this, or Paramount Inc. in the USA has dropped some cash on it. I'm sorry, I'm an Expat American, so perhaps I'm cynical. But there are resources out there for Latin - Ecclesiastical Latin, at any rate. Even the Church of England would make use of that.


    Would a petition actually do something? XD


    why do we need so much personal info


    I want to contribute to the Latin course and I submitted my application on the incubator, but I haven't been accepted yet.


    I did the same and Im still waiting


    Ego quoque! Cur linguam Klingonam et non linguam Latinam habebimus? Non praehendo.


    So then how does one actually start the course? I mean I have applied to. I don't think I know the most about it but I would love to contribute whatever amount of knowledge I have on the subject.


    Oh yes INDEED let's do this. I have submitted an application as both creator and moderator. I teach middle school Latin and I cannot TELL you how delighted my kids would be to get to 'gamify' the language. I already have a few hooked on DuoLingo just for the joy of nerding out over linguistics, so they'd be over the moon for a Latin course.


    Hoooorray for you ! Let's add Latin to Duolinguo


    Hey MinimaMagistra,

    Latin is now in phase one in Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and willing, head over to


    and apply to contribute!

    <h1>LATIN NERDS FOR LIFE!!!</h1>


    I dont know if it is just me but I cant find Latin on it


    No its not just you I can't find it either!


    When you choose the language, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list where it says “other”. Click that, then type in Latin


    Please please please help develop it in the incubatior


    You should start. I'm sure that some people will follow you.


    Wheelock's latin 7th addition is also pretty good for beginners and its only about $10 at Barnes and Nobles.


    AnnaParva, Latin has finally been added to Duolingo's incubator. If you're still able and haven't already, please head over to https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply/la/en and apply to contribute!


    I might, Im learning from a book called Pseudolus Noster, which is actually the next book for beginners after principia

    [deactivated user]

      I'm just begun to read it and it seems great!


      Awesome! I would love to learn Latin as well! I'm so excited please add it soon!


      I love Lingua Latina!


      please contribute if you are still on doulingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      So... The Language Latin Illustrated In Itself? (or close?)


      It would be amazing to see a revival of Latin.


      I vote for both Latin and Greek. If Duolingo can have projects for Klingon and Esperanto, we can surely have Latin and Greek, which are much more important languages. Lots of people study Latin and Greek, including school children. Lots of adults would also like to learn it. It doesn't matter that it's not spoken now.


      I completely agree. While I appreciate the Klingon project (as I love Star Trek) I do wish that DuoLingo (or similar free program) had a real (and useful) language such as Latin. I'm sure that DuoLingo would have to choose a single version of Latin (as we don't really know how it was spoken) but any Latin choice would be infinitely better than none.,


      Definitely. At my school we learn Latin and Greek and it would be a helpful supplement to have them both on Duolingo.


      I agree with the sentiment in that Latin and Greek would be very useful languages to have on here. Actually, Greek is almost here. However, I think it is extremely beneficial to have Esperanto on here. Everyone who is interested in languages should learn Esperanto.


      It wouldn't be a revival so much as just knowing it. That would aid our understanding of how English and many other languages work. :-)


      Indeed it would. I think a revival of Old English would be cooler though. When English sounded like it's other cousins...


      Actually alot of english words are similar to dutch and frisian as well as german. I took dutch for a little while and a few words sounded vaugely like english


      Yeah, English and Frisian are on the Ingvaeonic branch of the West Germanic subgroup. Dutch and Flemish are Franconian/Irmionic, and High German is Istvaeonic. Old English is actually mostly mutually intelligible with the Frisian dialects, especially West Frisian.

      [deactivated user]

        i think that is a great idea!


        There might be a commercial reason for DL not to implement a section of Latin. See http://www.duolingo.com/comment/564307 and many other comments. (Search for "Latin" in the discussions.) I would appreciate a comment of Luis and/or colleagues of DL on this matter.


        I can imagine the commercial use... "You Will Not Believe That Buzzfeed Is Now Available In Ancient Egyptian Thanks To This One Weird Trick"


        Well, there might not be an immediate commercial reason to include Latin. But I believe those people who could contribute to a Latin module are generally very talented, not only in Latin. If I were Duolingo, I'd definitely want them aboard. Second, I think a Latin module might attract language geeks overall, thus also contributing to the whole.


        Yeah, but what commercial reason could there possibly be for offering the Klingon course? Or even Esperanto? There are many, many more documents to be translated from Latin than from Esperanto. I don't know of anything in Klingon...


        Interesting post and great idea! Even though it wouldn't be the first language I'd be willing to learn, but still very interesting :D


        It is an official language of the Vatican state. It's absolutely not dead.


        And its kept up to date with current technologies and a changing world. By whom I am not so sure :)


        It is also official in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and that is recongised by many states as a sovereign subject.


        Really?? My teacher said it was a dead language. I am learning it. :)


        oh, definitely not dead. Just not much used outside some places, but definitely not dead, and still used for scientific nomenclature.


        I'm already learning Latin and I also wanted to learn a different language (since you can't speak Latin). So I've started doing Duolingo. Latin is literally the source of all languages. It is really nice to have the background. It would be really nice if Latin was on Duo.


        I think it could be good for the best understanding of the grammatical structure of the sentence. A duolingo Latin module should be oriented in this sense. However it could be very hard for non-italian speaking people, and probably will have a very low popularity.


        I was thinking the same thing! Learning Latin helps with other languages as well, and I would definitely be interested.


        Latin would be awesome! I already speak spanish and english...working on french..latin would be my key to several different languages. How exciting!


        Yes! I too want to assassinate a Caesar!


        If duolingo teaches latin..... And we have a lot of learners...... Latin could be revived!


        Count me in. This would be a brilliant basis for learning other languages.


        I think latin is a great idea! Knowing some of it has really helped my in my progress with other languages! There are lot of languages that branch off from it. :)


        I am currently in AP Latin and am planning to continue to study Latin into college (I am dual enrolling in Latin next year) and was pretty disappointed not seeing int on this site, although it does give me a chance to get into some other languages. I would really love to see Latin as an option!


        I would love to learn Latin. It would be awesome if someone would make it happen.


        I agree too. Latin is the best way to understand our language origins.


        YES PLEASE!! I am beginning French, and it is so much easier because I know Latin.


        Yes, French, Spanish, and Italian are all a Lot easier when you know Latin because they were influenced by the language.


        I love this idea. I wish my Latin was better so I could contribute.


        I've had the exact same thought! So many languages are influenced by Latin, and it would be a fascinating look at how languages evolve over time.


        I SAVED LATIN. What did you ever do?


        Latin is mandatory at my school, this'd be so helpful.


        I agree. I think that Duolingo should provide the opportunity of learning Latin and Ancient Greek. There are no very good apps around that fulfil this aim.


        It would be great to have Latin on duolingo.


        I would love to learn Latin for English speakers. It would be great.


        they should add latin


        Latin est lingua optima


        I would take a Latin course. It is a language that deserves respect. It would be great in the "Duolingo format." It might not pass the cost/benefit analysis, as demand might be too low to justify the expense of programming the sight.


        Hi, Latin is, i think, difficult to learn without a teacher and there are too much things to learn ... But it's a great idea ! I think it's possible


        YES! I wanna learn latin


        Which dialect would we teach? Modern standard, preclassical archaic, classical, rustic, late vulgar, or ecclesiastic?


        I vote rustic: classical grammar with more easily accessible conversational phonology.


        I vote ecclesiastic, since it's the only one actually still commonly spoken (I'm using "commonly" as a relative term).


        Please please please implement this language in your program! Latin has fundamentally changed the way I understand grammar and language. It has changed my life and I know that if others were given easier access to it, it could change theirs as well. I would love to help in whatever way I can to achieve this excellent goal. Please create a Latin course.

        To elaborate: My Latin teacher had us call him Magister from day one. He greeted us by saying "SALVE DISCIPULI!" to which he instructed us to respond: "SALVE MAGISTER!" Our very first Latin phrase. By the time the first day ended we had memorized the basics of first declension endings and departed by saying, "Vale Magister!" Over the next few years he would envelope his students and me in the magic of the universal language of grammar. He taught me more about my own language using Latin than I have learned in all of my years of English and Comm. classes. Although my Latin experience was more personal than this app, I believe that this app provides a very interactive format in other languages. The engagement I have experienced learning Spanish and German has been helpful in my enjoyment while learning those languages with Duolingo. If that were to be combined with my true lingual passion, Latin, well... what a wonderful gift it would be from the developers of Duolingo to the Latin enthusiast community and to those who would be introduced to the Latin language through this addition. Again, please please please, developers, contributors, and anyone who can gain support for this, please make this happen. Hear my plea! Spread the love of Latin and language itself


        Amen! P.S. Too bad your magister didn't greet you "Salvete, discipuli!" :-(


        I got salve and the mention of the plural salvete but we used salve, too. That was Wheelocks Latin which was the most common college Latin course at the time and for decades in the USA. I have no idea what is taught now. I thought Latin went away - it did in my college after I graduated but I still very much want it on Duo. I have to echo KenionBrow as it also greatly affected how I understand English and so much more - Biology, Botany, Legalese, Astronomy, Medical terms and medicine, writing terms, etc. etc. etc. All of the European languages I've learned were so much easier because I had Latin(Latin and German seem to be the winning combo there to read all European papers - think I wasn't shocked to realize I could understand Romanian and the Norse languages phonetically?) and I still benefit from it. And, yeah I know the Romans settled in Romania and gave it it's name but I didn't realize that when I first started listening to Romanian people and I was going - wow that's a Latin dialect. The Norse languages are a whole lot of Germanic with some Latin as far as I can tell.


        Que adie es hodie?


        I learned in a very special way, my teacher makes it active, in class, when there is a story, we get to act it out while reading it, he also has a stick, you know what he uses that for (lightly tapping us, (pulsare) if we misbehave. Basically, latin,but with know repetition and textbook memorizing,(( unless we have a test))


        I don't understand why Duolingo already has 'Klingon' (Star Trek), and they haven't made Latin course! I mean really Duolingo?


        Absolutely we need more Latin. I have been in seminary for a few years and have had to teach myself a lot. It would be awesome to have a course on Duolingo!


        I totally agree with you. Learning Latin is one of the best examples of autodidactism and it'd be awesome to count on with useful and not boring exercises to practice and maintain it alive,


        Latin from Spanish would be great! ;-)


        Would love a Latin course! I've taken several years but would like to be better at it. I would love to learn more and be better at translating through Duolingo:)


        I agree, Duolingo should have Latin


        My husband and I would love to learn Latin, and they teach here esperanto so they should teach latin.


        quid volemus? Latinam!

        Quare volemus eum? Optima lingua est.

        Gratias agimus pro auxilium tuum!


        I hope that can happen i really want to learn latin


        I will tots learn Latin!!!!! I learn it a bit already but . . . I think it would be cool if duolingo had it too.


        Yes yes yes yes PLEASE!!!!!!


        If we keep asking for it eventually they will do it.


        What flag would Duolingo use?


        Oh, that would be interesting!


        I think it's one of the motifs that made it onto the closest things the Roman Empire had as a flag, but they were more military 'standards' or banners than a modern national flag as we know them. Here are some pictures of reproductions of the standards of the Roman Republic:-





        So has anyone actually taken any form of action?


        I'm totally for Latin!!!! Any ancient languages are great for me!!!


        Please add latin


        I definitely want to learn Latin




        404 Comments. It looks like a bad sign ))) Let's add one more )))


        Yeah, I have to learn latin for school and I was hoping to get a heads up this summer.

        • 691

        For the moment, make do with Lingva latina per se illvstrata or with Memrise.


        I am using Lingua Latina and Henle right now which are working well side by side. What is annoying me, is that apart from Rosseta Stone, which I find too boring, there do not appear to be any good ways to learn a modern vocabulary. I probably know about 2000 words now and have a fairly instinctive understanding for basic grammer -- I am at what would be a solid A2 level.

        When I got to this level in German I was able to spend large parts of my day thinking in German, which in turn accelerated by German and was the point at which I go genuinely proficient.

        With Latin, I begin to think in Latin, but I bump into so many things every day I do not know how to process in Latin that I tend to give up and revert to English or German. That is why I am really hoping for the Duolingo course. The math is simple, if I can process my day to day life in Latin, I can get many hours of extra Latin practice every day. If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it.


        Unfortunately, there's no single right answer to modern vocabulary, as well... It is a dead language, and the Romans had no computers, or cars, etc. My solution has been to just give up and derive backwards. What's the Latin word for computer? There isn't one, so let's make it computer, computris. I think that the only solution might be to get together a small group that would just come up with a standard vocabulary within itself.

        • 691

        As far as I can remember, such modern Latin words are being defined all along. You can even buy Latin comics, for instance, and Vatican continues to issue modern texts.


        In all fairness, it's not in EVERY language, just all of Europe and the Mediterranean with loanwords from its derivatives further than that (which I suppose actually does take it to the large majority of the globe). That being said, this is a fantastic idea, and I'd love to help with the course!


        I vote for Latin! Maybe it'll be easier to teach if it's Church Latin? It wouldn't be that difficult to switch between Church and Classical Latin if someone wanted. But either way, Latin is Latin and I vote for it :)


        I would love for their to be a Latin course. I'm learning a new language (Turkish), and I would like to relearn some languages I learned in school years ago. Two of those would be Latin and Attic Greek. Both are tremendously helpful in understanding language in general, and the frequent Latin and Greek roots of borrowings or neologisms in so many languages. And both languages have great literatures. We don't necessarily have to have courses to converse in these languages. Reading and writing courses would be fine. But of course it is useful to have spoken parts for better learning.

        [deactivated user]

          Although I will probably be far past the duolingo stage by the time this website offers a latin course, I would still like to see a latin course, preferably with classical pronunciation (or maybe both classical and ecclesiastical if possible). Roman culture is very rich and rather than viewing Latin as a dead language, I would much rather think of it as a living language since its descendants are still spoken. If one were to call the modern Romance Languages dialects instead of languages, then Latin would still technically be alive in that sense and likewise it would be the language that collectively contains all of those dialects for a total of 800 million native speakers. With 800 million native speakers, it would definitely be qualified to have an official Duolingo course.


          Wonderful idea! I, too, vote for both Latin and Ancient Greek. Like many others here, I am interested in spoken Latin and spoken Ancient Greek. I firmly believe that to learn these languages well (and to have lots of fun learning them!), they need to be spoken.


          I would love it if a Latin course were added!


          I think learning Latin is a great idea!!!1


          I would love to see Latin on Duolingo!!


          Any update on this?


          I would really love to learn Latin. Please add it!


          Latin is such a great language and I have always been bummed that there isn't a Latin course. I would be more than willing to contribute. Because this site also teaches contemporary word (i.e. telephone, car, politics, etc.), I would like to recommend to Latinists two sources: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/institutions_connected/latinitas/documents/rc_latinitas_20040601_lexicon_it.html and https://ia801000.us.archive.org/12/items/TheLexiconAnglumEtLatinumByDavidMorgan/MorganAndSilvaFurmanUniversityLexicon.pdf which both help in the translation of modern concepts. I am excited about the future of this course!


          why is this not a thing yet? seriously. so many people want latin. there must be a reason they haven't started yet. i mean, they started klingon before they started latin. don't get me wrong, when klingon comes out imma be first in line but it's gonna be me and like 100 other people. so many people could use duo for latin class like i used it for spanish class.


          I would love to review my Latin! I am reviewing the many Romance languages I studied about 30 some-odd years ago... and have added, for my Großmutter, German and the Nordic languages (Norwegian is a starter--and the Dutch I've thoroughly enjoyed.) But Latin is the "mother" to Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, French, and Spanish... as well as being a major contributor to English and even some of the Germanic tongues. I sure hope this becomes a reality! I can already see thousands and thousands of school-kids tuning in. I love Latin.


          I teach high school Latin and I have applied TWICE to start this course.

          Though it seems this course won't be starting anytime soon, I did find the Duolino app called Tinycards, and I am making vocabulary cards for Wheelock's Latin.

          If you want to learn some Latin on your own, Wheelock's Latin is a great textbook: easy to read, good order for grammar, and a book many colleges use.

          If you want to use the flashcards, simply search "Wheelock's" on the app. I am doing the chapters one at a time, and it takes a bit since I can't do this on my computer, only on my phone, but I will have all of them up eventually.


          how can we help get latin into duolingo?


          Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. I attended World Youth Day were Catholic youth from all over the world get together with the Pope. Everyone spoke different languages but when the mass was in Latin everyone was able to participate. Unfortunately, Latin is not taught as a second language in high school. It would be great to learn Latin here on Duolingual.


          Why isn't this a thing yet? It's been two years and I see alot of people down in the comments who were willing to support.


          I would love to learn the Latin Language. Willing contributors would be greatly appreciated. I have studied Latin years ago. It is not easy to teach myself by books. Latin is still a living language, really a beautiful language. I really hope Duolingo will launch Latin soon.

          I'm deaf myself. Sign Language is my first language. English is my second language despite the fact I grow up in Ireland, the majority of Irish people speak English. I have acquired three sign languages - Irish, British and American. I know the international sign language similar to Esperanto, the international sign language.

          I'm planning to move to France in two months time. I'm learning French on Duolingo at the moment and I will learn French Sign Language when I live in France. I never heard about Duolingo until my deaf friends told me about Duolingo.


          Latin Please! I am in the seminary learning latin 1 and plan to take latin2 in a few years. A duolingo corse would be of great help to me.


          I want to learn Latin too!


          I've always been like: "Latin? Eww gosh no, get it away from me!" And then fake to puke. But since I read a particular book based on roman mythology, I started to think that maybe— maybe— Latin wasn't that bad, at least, not as bad as I thought it had been. Right now I even could consider putting an effort into studying this language. Thought, I must admit, I have always had this terrible reaction to Latin because my mother tongue is Italian, and, as you probably know, it is very, very close to it. Why I slightly repel to my native language is no mystery: after learning English, I was stunned by how easy it was compared Italian, so I started to hate reading in Italian, speaking in Italian, and generally expressing myself in Italian. I am NOT, although, saying that learning Latin is a bad idea, just sharing my experience in that field.


          Schopenhauer would love this idea! I just read Schopenhauer's "The art of literature" (Amazing book btw, I recommend to any aspiring writer.) In the book he explains how when a person has a grasp of Latin, he will be able to express himself in a much clearer and concise manner even in his own mother tongue. He states that everyone who aspires to be a writer should have the Knowledge of Latin, so the writer's mind will have a much easier time finding the right words.

          This makes a lot of sense given how the majority of the words in many languages trace back to Latin, etymologically speaking.

          Schopenhauer reads like the ranting of an angry old man, which some people might find annoying, I personally found it amusing, but what matters is that the man does back up his rants with great arguments.

          [deactivated user]

            To repeat in English what Starbuck947 wrote several months ago, Duolingo is working on Klingon, but not Latin? Please, Duolingo, add Latin! There is a resurgence of interest in Latin and Classical Education and Duolingo could be part of that movement!


            I am also interested in a course in Latin.


            i would love it if latin was still around. to me its like an imperial language that should still be fluently spoken. I wish there was at least one nation in the world who spoke it, the vatican doesnt really count does it


            I find it disgusting that klingon is present on duolingo, while latin isn't...


            I am very interested in latin added to dualingo. :)


            Would love to study Latin, it would be a great help with my other romance languages.


            I actually just posted a discussion on this before I realized there was a way to vote for this. ^_^ I would absolutely love for this to become a reality and I'd love to help in any way I can.


            How do you vote?


            Virtually everything that you have just said is what I have thought.


            For sure! Classical first, than church latin latin later? THis NEEDS TO HAPPEN! I would and I am sure many people would contribute!


            yes, many people would like to learn Latin... the root of many languages!


            can we do this? I've definitely not fluent but I've studied it in school and off and on on my own over the last 10 years. I'm a little rusty but I think I could help contribute a little. I just started teaching a friend so having it on duo would be a great support and also good for those of us learning Romance languages on here


            Latin would be such an amazing addition. I'm going to try and become an incubator


            How is Latin not already an option????


            This is totally a coincidence, but I just got off the website the recommends the exact same book! We should have Latin on Duolingo because I'd really love to learn it. A friend of mine has taken Latin and he says it's a bit easier than other languages.


            I WANT LATIN ON DUO!!!


            I tried taking Latin for two years in high school. I had one good teacher that made it fun but the school got rid of him becauase they keep trying to get rid of the program. I have a difficult time learning languages but this is one language I really want to learn and this is the best program I have found so far to help me. I hope they make Latin available soon!




            i agree with you completely!!!


            Yes, please!!! I started with Lingva Latina per se Illustrata, and would love to continue with an additional method!


            There seem to be lots of volunteers and learners interested in getting Latin for English speakers on the go here. I would certainly add my vote


            Latin IS from another country - Rome! If DuoLingo is about languages from other countries, give us Latin!


            It's the official language of the second largest human institution in the world (the Catholic Church, second in population only to China)! Of course we should have Latin! (we one day may need to use the ATMs at the Vatican)


            I would love to see a Duolingo course in Latin added


            as an aspiring medical student, i find Latin courses would be supremely helpful. medical students may not have to take an expensive medical language then $$$$. Where can i cast my vote??


            Come on Duo Lingo, add Latin! Would be fantastic!


            yes! i couldn't agree more. I'm from Brazil and i see how Latin is important in our language.


            I once tried to start a course in pig latin on the incubator and it said I'd get an email if it was accepted but they never got back to me on it.


            I would love to learn Latin! If I could I would add it to the incubator, but I don't know how to speak it.


            I've always wanted to learn Latin. That would be super cool!


            I don't speak Latin but I am definitely interested in learning this language! Especially since Latin is used in so many languages. Please consider this language as an option in the future!


            I think it is great idea! Latin is a "dying language" so it would great to learn it.


            I would also love to contribute to making Latin! I'm not sure how though - I've seen comments about there being a place to type in languages on the Incubator page, but I can't find it (maybe they've updated since those comments).

            I've been learning Latin for a few years now - not fluent, but I can at least help with the first half of lessons and provide explanations to beginners!


            I'm for Latin, too. I was going to take it in high school, but they dropped it just when it was my turn to sign up for it. However, I have found a Latin source with an English translation at www.onelittleangel.com. There is no grammar teaching, but, at least, one can learn words. If you know a Romance language, you'll notice a lot of similarities. I sang some Latin in choirs, so I have an idea of the pronunciation. It also includes Greek and Hebrew, using the letter forms, instead of symbols. I am enjoying it. I hope you will, too!


            I would love to see this actually happen! Mainly because personally I’m Catholic, and the language itself seems really interesting, and important. Especially with its influence on other languages.


            ¡Por favor!, please!, s'il vous plaît!


            ita vero! Duolingo NEEDS TO HAVE ALL KINDS OF LANGUAGES, not just modern ones! Like if you agree


            I NEED LATIN it looks like a great thing to learn


            Latin Would Be A Good Baseline For Learning Other Languages, Why Is Not On The Site Yet???


            First of all I love Italian! It's my favorite language. I travel to Europe every so often and am in love with the languages. Italian was the one language that truly stood out to me. Italian is probably closest to Latin and after I learn Italian I would like to learn Latin, since the two are so closely rooted. After all, I'm a native English speaker and we use the Latin alphabet. I would like to suggest a Latin course to you duolingo. It has great historical and cultural significance that would be very interesting to many. Thank you!!


            I myself have a professor who teaches Latin (written) in school, but he also can speak the language. Perhaps he would be willing to contribute if this were to garner some attention.


            Yes! Windinmyhair27 is right!


            Amazing idea! I also know latin and I would love to contribute. It is one of my favourite languages.


            Sounds great! Click on this link and follow the instructions: https://incubator.duolingo.com/ For Latin, go to the end of the Language list and it will have a last entry with a question mark, select that and it will give you a field to enter: Latin. Keep following the instructions and you will receive an email. Good luck! I hope that helps! :-)


            Yes, Latin would be my choice of what to study next. I started it before on a video thing, but videos don't really work for me. For me, I think Latin is VERY practical, and it's traditionally studied by everyone in the Western Hemisphere, we should have never stopped having it in our school curriculems.


            Just adding my thumbs up to adding Latin


            I learnted Esperanto! That means I'm the sort of twonk that'll learn such a language. Looking forward to learning it with Duolingo.

            Also, speakers of Latin, and with quite a bit of free time, you can add the course with the Duolingo incubator; so we get the course.

            How Duolingo stopped Esperanto from 'dying' by adding its course, one is sure that Latin on Duolingo would probably double or triple its speakers.


            With the Esperanto, Klingon and High Valyrian courses - I don't see any reason Latin should be excluded due to being a dead language. I would love to see Latin on Duolingo.


            I'll vote for this. It's another language that's sorely lacking in resources for adults to learn!


            4 years after you comment, PLEASE let us all know what did you do with those 1000 lingots!! Did you put them to work in a Duolingo fund or something, and today they are worth millions? Can you convert them to bitcoins? BTW I also gave you a lingot.


            Yes, classical Latin


            Remember to upvote the post. Need at least 400 more upvotes before they might add it to incubator


            At least 4 years people have been asking for Latin, dozens of people have said they would contribute to creating the course, and still Duolingo has not made any progress AT ALL. What gives, Duolingo? With so many requests, and so many offers from contributors, why have you not initiated this process?


            I would be very excited to learn Latin. I strive everywhere I go to learn Latin and I have been having a hard time learning it the way it was taught. If it was taught on duolingo, I would have a much easier time learning it. It's such a beautiful language!


            I have applied to contribute to Latin on this site but I don't know if there is a team already working on it. I don't see one if anyone would like to join then perhaps we can create the course? I am not that adept at navigating this site but I might be able to do at least a beginning set of lesson(s) in Latin.




            I would also like to learn Latin. I have studied from a book, but it's so much more convenient to learn with Duolingo. I would much prefer classical.

            Ancient Greek would be great too. Latin would be much more useful than Klingon (fun though it may be) or other constructed languages. (I've also used Duolingo to refresh my Spanish and Norwegian, started on Mandarin, and dabbled in Turkish until my Turkish neighbors moved away.)


            I wonder whether Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin would be chosen. I know that Ecclesiastical Latin is the only one still officially spoken (by catholic priests and such) but I would personally prefer Classical Latin due to my interest in history. It doesn't really matter much, since they are likely quite similar, but I would still prefer one over the other. What does everyone else think?


            Hi everyone!! I am from a Discord chat where we are all devoted to learning and teaching each other languages. There are a plethora of languages currently available, but we recently added Latin! If you want to learn a language, or simply want people to practise a language with,you can join at: https://discord.gg/Mdk26c If there are enough people, I may start doing basic Latin lessons periodically, although I am still studying the language (yikes!). Thanks!


            Can you provide a valid url :). I would like to join.


            I hope they add Latin. It would be a great aid in expanding classical learning opportunities.


            Two words: yes please


            Latin for English Speakers has finally been added to the incubator at https://incubator.duolingo.com

            If you're able to contribute, please head that way and apply to contribute at



            I would love that!


            please make this happen duolingo


            latin is the mother of european languages


            Old thread, but Latin has been added to the Incubator! Please apply to contribute!


            Fine, I applied as a contributor.


            I completely agree. I have studied Latin at school for five years now and it is very helpful with grammar in English. It is also the direct root of the romance languages, and provides partial knowledge for all of them, especially Italian. Latin is cognate with almost every European language, and should especially help multiple-language learners. Hopefully there is enough support for this that Duolingo will add it soon.


            They have! Latin is in the Incubator with 17 contributors! https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/la/en/status


            I studied 2 years of Latin in school a long time ago! I really want to get better at it and keep learning, it's the foundation of so much!!!




            To be honest I was really surprised to see that there is for example Klingon or Valyrian here, but no Latin. Latin is, after all, one of the most important languages in the history of mankind. I would love to learn it.


            Isn't latin literally dead


            How can Latin be literally dead?


            It has no heartbeat, it died


            it is no longer spoken, and it is now not extinct, but nobody uses it anymore, unless you are serious about learning the language.


            I'm not a Latin speaker, just interested in learning it, but as I understand it, what you're saying is not true. First of all the Catholic Church very much uses it, and even outside of that, there seems to be quite a large number of speakers and it's use is pervasive in a number of fields. Also if you look at the Latin entry in the Incubator, you see Latin has a much larger number of contributors than any other entry. All I'm saying is SOMEONE is speaking it.


            I went to Mass at Notre Dame in Paris a few weeks ago and the Mass was in Latin, French and Spanish.


            I just meant to say that it isn't widely spoken around the world as it used to be when Rome took over the known world.


            Latin is in the incubator...


            My kids study Latin in school and it is DRY... having Latin available on Duolingo to help them study would be a big help.


            I really want to learn Latin


            5 years ago, this post was made. Today, It was fulfilled.


            Latin is amazing! Great addition to Duolingo!


            Latin is really amazing!! Thanks Duolingo!!


            The Latin course is now open for beta testing. Carpe diem!


            Is this course going to be expanded? It would be excellent to have excercises on crazy word order.


            Most languages do not come from Latin. Latin is the base for a particular branch of the linguistic tree popular in southwestern Europe. A German or Englishman may use Latin in some contexts (law or science), but he is using a foreign language. American English, of course, tries to incorporate bits of Latin and every other language into its lexicon. However, I WOULD like to learn Latin because it has a real mystique.


            That would be so great. I had the oportunity to learn latin in highschool, but there were not enought students interested so the school didn't made a class..


            i am changing my mind about this i like the coments


            I vote for this as well. Duolingo would be SO AWESOME.


            I want to learn latinn!!!!!


            I've sent duolingo emails about adding Latin as it is the root to basically all the languages they have it shouldn't b hard to add


            Latin is only the root of about 6 languages. All derived from Italic. Germanic and Sanskrit are the roots for many many more languages than Latin is. Google "Language Family" and look at the images to see some illustrations to help you understand how it is all connected.


            This would be awesome!


            I'd definitely love this latin is a big basis for some languages and it could help refine the languages. and it's freakin cool


            Please do! I'm thinking of doing Latin next year and I would love something to see what it will be like!


            I take Latin class right now and since the language is really complicated and so irregular it would really help to have another outlet I could use to help learn the language!


            I agree, it would be nice to be able to speak latin!


            Yes please! This would be very handy for anybody wanting to delve into life sciences!


            Perhaps some of the folks at Nova Roma could help us


            I think they should put Latin on Duolingo sence you could learn all the romance lanuages


            Who know speak latin ? (I learn latin at school)


            Got an email saying to check out the new languages and was sad to see no Latin. Good thing they are adding Klingon though, right?


            I would be down for that. I would still continue to learn other languages while learning this


            I really agree/ it helped me tremendously in my travels throughout Europe.


            Agreed...even though Latin is a dead language it is a good one to know if you are entering into the medical field like I am! Let's learn Latin!


            "It's often said that Latin is a dead language. Baloney! It's just been taking a long nap. And it's been talking a lot in its sleep. In fact, you can't get it to shut up." -Henry Beard, X-Treme Latin: Unleash your Inner Gladiator


            Latin is the basis of basically all languages so we should learn it


            Yay I really wanna learn Latin :D Lately I've reading books written by Dan Brown and James Rollins and I find the language pretty interesting


            I think that too. I started with some languages and I really think that learning the language mother we can get a true vision of the others.


            It'd be really great, i'm in! Back to the roots...


            Great idea! I will be so happy if we can learn Latin here!


            Is anyone interested in a Skype group dedicated to learning Latin? I'd be interested in learning it.


            yeah! Latin is a very useful language to learn, since it connects many others. It should be included here


            This is a great idea! I need to learn Latin for school and I learn Spanish on Duolingo so I know that this is where I want to learn it.


            Also there is Klingon on Duolingo and Esperanto ;)


            That's true but what about igpay atinlay?\


            Yes, this is an amazing idea! I do latin at school and that would be an amazing help!

            [deactivated user]

              I love this idea!! I want to learn Latin and I have friends (that are not on this site) that want to learn too!! and I'm sure if Doulingo starts a Latin course, lots of people will join because this site is the best, free way to learn


              Yes please! I'm an aspiring doctor and I need to learn latin! It would really help.


              i'd be willing to contribute too it would be awesome to see latin on here!!!!


              I would also love to learn Latin.


              Latin would be AWESOME!


              i really like this idea


              even though many of you are better at latin, Im learning new latin at school every day, and I would love to help as well

              • 691

              A long time ago. I myself gathered a few signatures. But the author never answer my suggestion of at least correcting the company name in the petition name, so I don’t know how useful it would be.


              Dang. I wish they would add Latin. I'm trying to learn it on my own, but I really like supplementing my learning with apps.


              Yes please! I think that's a fantastic idea!


              I agree. I want to learn Latin, really, really, badly.


              It's been two years and still I can't find the Latin course even in the "Incubator" section. No doubt, it would be awesome to learn Latin with Duolingo. Please, is there nobody to help us learn this classy language?!??

              [deactivated user]

                Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes! It would really help my Latin at school.


                thats a great idea


                I agree with you Windinmyhair27 learning latin is language that I want duolingo to teach since next year my school will be giving Latin lessons and I would like to know the basis of latin so I an mooch off to the class


                I'd love to learn Latin on Duolingo, but I cant contribute to the course because I've only had a semester of Latin grammar. Oh and has anyone used the book First Year Latin or Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata? I use both


                Latin would be cool!


                Especially for anyone who's a european history lover, latin would be so awesome to learn and i definitely think duolingo would be the perfect place to get started!


                i was learning latin and then i stopped but it really helped with my Italian. i think it is a great idea since a lot of languages were from latin, like Italian. i would gladly contribute.


                This would be fantastic, and a brilliant companion to any self-study/language courses.


                I would love to learn latin! Studied it in elementary school and hope to one day get back to it....


                add latin language pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


                Latin would be a great addition to Duolingo. I am taking Latin in school and it is my favorite subject! There are definitely many grammar lessons they could do...


                I want to learn latin too!


                I think there should be latin because it kind of is the base of a lot of languages


                I believe there is some disagreement on the pronunciation of Latin, but as a written language, what a rich heritage! By all means, let's learn Latin ;-)


                It would take a decade for the course to be created, but I would really love it since I'm learning Latin at school so that could definitely help.


                Having latin as a language to learn from on Duolingo would really help people who don't have an opportunity at an early age


                Yes, that would be great. I learned Latin in school and would be very excited to see it.


                I would really love to learn Latin! I think it's really fascinating.


                Same!! I want to learn Latin


                si latín sería genial


                I have not check on the entire list, but Latin seems to be actually the language with the most people asking for it. Am I right?


                This is a great idea as I would love to learn this ancient language. THis language is used in so many different texts. THANKS XD


                Will sign up for this when/if available.


                This would be really useful as not only does it provide a good base for other languages it's also a component of a lot of university courses and helpful on some others e.g. classics.


                YES YES YES!!! Would love to re-learn!!


                I think it is a great idea! Actually one day I logged into my account searching for a Latin course.


                I used the link above and visited the site called "Change.org". I think they may have dropped the ball, so to speak. Petition had ~ 1500 "sigs", closed, states "sent to 'Dulingo'! If the petition ended up in limbo due to the blunder of some incompetent, albeit well-meaning volunteer, that may explain the lack of response from the'DuoLingo' organization. No?


                I agree. Two years is a long time. I hope you haven't given up on this! (see comments below.)


                Yeah, I hope duolingo agrees


                I would love to learn Latin


                I agree! We should have Latin! :)


                I think this is a wonderful idea, I am learning Latin at my school but the curriculum is awful.


                I would love to see a Latin course on Duolingo! I had a hard time with Latin when I took it for two years because my course was particularly dry and badly set up. Duolingo is always a great tool for these things.


                It is a language from Star Trek, I believe, but I am not quite sure about the details of it. It is coming out in December.


                i do latin with linneys latin class. hate it!! but i do my spanish on duolingo and really enjoy it so i hope it comes out with latin


                I would love to learn latin. I really hope it will be added to Duolingo.


                so when can we start


                I agree, I am learning latin right now elsewhere, and would love to share that knowledge, plus it is useful in science and literature.


                I am very interested in Latin!


                I'd really love to see Latin on Duolingo. I've studied it a bit, really enjoyed it and think an online course is a great idea.


                Latin would be a great foundation for other languages.

                I quote from Google "Ninety to ninety-five percent of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian vocabulary is derived from Latin


                I never took Latin but I would be happy to help!

                Et esse felix ad partisipate.

                We can use Google Translate for support.

                This would be an interesting project.


                Oh nonononono Google Translate is awful at translating Latin. What you said translates to (roughly) "and to be happy/lucky toward English word". :)


                I agree, I put a language in that it said it was wrong, but it was right!! But it could be useful in someways.


                Please no auto-translators. We need to learn languages in an old-fashioned way, sadly because auto-translators are incredibly annoyingly terrible translators. I recommend getting sources that teach speakers some Latin or something Latin-related or taking a course for that.


                I think you meant: Et beatus est participare.


                Yes, I agree. I see that people have been asking for Latin for at least two years. What we need are more people to sign up to help incubate Latin. IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THERE ARE ENOUGH VALID LATIN CONTRIBUTORS ONBOARD. People who know Latin need to go to: https://incubator.duolingo.com -> click on the <Contribute To A Course> to Apply to become a Course Contributor -> to "Which Course would you like to contribute to?" - "Enter language name:" - Go to the bottom of the list -> select entry: "? Enter Other" - enter: Latin <return>. Then select from language English. Then you have to enter a paragraph in Latin <Why you are passionate to help> and then the same paragraph in English <Why you are passionate to help>. I used the following website to translate my English paragraph into Latin with: https://www.indifferentlanguages.com. I applied, I hope others do too.


                does anyone know how to add latin to duolingo for english speakers


                Unfortunately the course doesn't exist yet, so it can't be added. This discussion is posted to encourage course contributors to create it. :) If you're interested in helping create a course, you should look in the Duolingo incubator.


                I personally love Latin hymns and hope to learn it for that reasons and others. Is there a class where i can learn it?


                I want a English to Latin course


                I want a English to Latin course and a English to Ancient Latin course


                Yes, yes, yes!!!


                I'd love to see a Latin course added!


                I would LOVE to learn latin <3


                This would be a great learning experience and be especially useful for history majors.


                This would be an awesome language for duolingo to teach. I hope this course happens soon.


                I'd also be interested in learning Latin.


                What are we doing wrong, they added High Valyrian from Game of Thrones before Latin?




                I would love a latin course! Sounds like a fantastic idea.


                We need a Latin course on Duolingo!


                Yeah, Latin! Besides it is interesting to see those old words which are very similar to modern languages (Specially Romance), and I would love to imagine romans speaking in their language, besides it may help to understand new words one hears, some Greek helped me understand what a diseace is about, I guess Latin could help with that as well.

                [deactivated user]

                  Yes! I know some latin through choir singing in High School, but that's about it. Would love to learn more.


                  I'm actually surprised there's no Latin course yet, I'd love to have one!


                  I would love to be able to learn Latin on duoling


                  I take Latin in school, so I know a bit of Latin.

                  I really want Latin because many European languages derive from Latin...


                  I would love a Latin course. My boyfriend teaches it, and I'd like to be able to learn it to talk to him in it.


                  I really want Latin to be added to the study course. It would be great. I started self-teaching Latin few months back and would be nice to have it on duolingo. Something amazing to add to language mixture..


                  I'm afraid that if the criteria for adding a course is whether or not it's going to be profitable then we will not see a latin course any time soon. Assuming that DL profits from the free work that volunteers put in when they translate texts, it is required that there be someone that pays DL for translation services, which presents problems when it comes to classical latin. First, no company is willing to pay DL for translating Descartes, St. Augustin, Cicero, etc. because these are authors that are studied for purely academic or erudite purposes and there's no profit in it. Also, even if a company were to be interested in a classical latin translation, they wouldn't ask DL, they would have to ask a professional: translating classical authors calls for much more than knowledge of the language they wrote in. One needs to be familiar with their context, thought, influences, etc., i.e., one must have a background in certain specific fields, which exceeds simple translation work. In short, DL isn't a charity and won't spend money on the allocation of resources (bandwith, server costs, the manpower to support it, etc.) if it's not going to be able to monetize it. If the above holds true, then it seems that the reason why klingon is way higher up in the priority list than latin (something that I find almost insulting, even if I do love Star Trek) is simply, like someone else already suggested, that the franchise owners are investing in DL as a way to promote their product. Anyway, it's a real shame because a latin DL course would give common people (who in all likelihood can't afford the university education normally required to relate to these authors in their original language) an easy way to begin a journey that would certainly elevate their cultural standards quite a lot. But then again, the deepest, most sublime and profound thoughts ever written can't compete with a multi-million dollar franchise under capitalism.


                  There's quite a bit of evidence that direct profitability is not the only criterion for Duolingo courses. Evidence would suggest that they've gone down the route of creating 'loss-leader' courses before, which lure people into Duolingo, where they'll see how good it is and get into the habit of learning through the site in such a way that will lead those learners on to the more profitable courses. Otherwise, it wouldn't have Esperanto, Klingon or the Celtic minority languages; Irish & Welsh. Every pupil in Ireland & Wales learn Irish & Welsh respectively in their school curricula - and while the exam results are important, they may not necessarily expect themselves to reach perfect fluency, with a sense that the academic value may, to some, be greater than the practical value of attaining the language. There's a certain parallel with that to the way that Latin features in school curricula across the world. If Duolingo can get people hooked young then it can get its learners hooked for life, so exploiting school curricula is surely a key way to gain exposure - especially where Duolingo has astutely beaten its rivals to that end and essentially added a quality 'unique selling point' course to its menu.

                  Duolingo's business model must also have changed recently too, else we wouldn't be seeing adverts at the end of each session - so this issue of profitability must be less of a problem since this revenue-stream change, and overall take-up must be more of a factor for their profits now.

                  I watched the process for the Welsh Duolingo course quite keenly. The Welsh course creators were dogged in petitioning Duolingo and demonstrating that they had a team ready to construct the course swiftly, who'd discussed the potential pitfalls in advance on a Facebook group devoted to the project. The Facebook group may have been useful, not only as a forum for the course construction, but also because the large number of people joining demonstrated interest, and helped convey the number of people who cared passionately that they be on board to help create the course. Once Duolingo gave that team the go-ahead, they flew into action and had the whole course constructed in a mere few months. Surely, once Duolingo have a course that none of their rivals have - that's a whole market of people who are heading into Duolingo rather than anywhere else.

                  Don't despair. There's a concrete case for a Latin course, but perhaps the Latin enthusiasts haven't demonstrated that they have a dedicated team already on good working terms with each other who are currently discussing the course structure and who are chomping at the bit to construct a unique course that will give Duolingo another USP that strengthens its competitive edge and draws a whole new market of learners to their site/app.


                  Your concept is nice, but according to it we should have gotten Finnish months and months ago.


                  LOVE latin. Latin is my life


                  Hoc agamus!!! Lets do this!!! I would love Latin as a coarse on Duolingo. I would be willing to contribute. Amo linguam latinam.


                  Wow, this post is 2 years old and still no latin course, shame on Duo...


                  Duolingo must make "bilingual" exceptions for conlangs like Esperanto and Klingon. I think, the lack of Latin must be from a lack of Latinists interested in contributing, or at least not sufficiently organised. Please, please, please, organise. All we need is one latinist to get the ball rolling by starting the course up in the incubator (incubator.duolingo.com) and invite other latinists. PLEASE! avrora mvsis amica!!!


                  Please make Latin a course. My friends and i are very much into Rome and roman mythology and it would be so cool to prove that Latin is not a dead language!


                  Alternate relief at having a directly-related word and frustration at false-friends. o_x


                  Well, Latin isn't exactly used in every language - far from it. It is the root of all Romance Languages (coming from the root word Rome - the empire in which Latin was used), which includes languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. German, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, and most other languages have slight if any Latin influence. It is very helpful for native English speakers in order to learn romance languages, though!


                  On the contrary: Latin did have a major impact on German, directly and indirectly via French. The impact that is palpable everywhere in everyday vocabulary (I can confirm that as a native German speaker), even more in academic vocabulary, and a lot more in scientific language, e.g. medical terminology. In the 19th century, it has been estimated that "borrowings from Latin and French accounted for approximately one-fifth of the total German vocabulary. ". For more detail see the article on http://www.goethe.de/ges/phi/prj/ffs/the/spr/en4980180.htm.

                  • 691

                  Obviously not. But besides being the basis of all Romance languages, it is usually a major influence in other European languages; besides, because Slav, Germanic and Greek languages preserve the noun cases Romance languages lost, Latin can be a stepping stone for Romance speakers wishing to learn other languages.


                  It would be an interesting experience and a lot helpful for science class. please consider it.


                  Latin would be the best! Make it happen!


                  I'd like to have it here, too!


                  And I could try to contribute, although I needed to update my latin knowledge quite a bit for that. But also I think there are many people who could do better than a 17-year-old schoolboy...


                  I would really, really love to see Latin course here.


                  it would be great if you would include Latin!


                  Learning Latin is one of the oldest goals I have had. I would be ecstatic to learn the language.


                  Learning Latin is one of my oldest goals in life. I would be ecstatic if duolingo provided it.


                  I totally agree! My older brother wants to learn Latin and actually have it as an actual language. Is Latin an actual full-fledged language, or is it simply certain words have not been forgotten? It would be amazing if we could learn complete Latin, if it is a full-fledged language. Thank you in advance for responding! crossing my fingers!!


                  Yes, Latin is a fully fledged language. It has its own method of writing and speaking, and it has its own grammar and syntax. The Vatican is the only country that has Latin as its official language, but it still exists. Most schools that teach Latin teach Classical Latin, but there are several other types of Latin, including Ecclesiastical Latin and Neo-Latin. I think everyone one would love a Latin course!


                  Whoa, you learn something new every day! Thanks for telling me that. :)


                  Let's learn Latin!!!!! I love this idea


                  I'm studying it a schoold, it would be really helpful


                  With the inclusion of conlangs like Esperanto and Klingon (not that I have a problem with this, I am very fond of Esperanto), Duolingo is obviously not just about learning native languages.

                  The ancient languages are very interesting to many language learners, being the forerunner's of the languages we are learning and using today.

                  I would love there to be a Latin course, I think it would be well received by a lot of people.


                  I would love to be able to learn Latin from Duolingo.


                  Latin is also important because there are lots of ancient texts written in Latin. I would love a Latin course, since I've already taken an introductory course and would love to learn more and practice


                  This is a great idea! I'd be willing to help if need be...


                  At my school we learn Latin and it would be great to have as a new course!


                  latin is a very useful language, and yes it is used in every language


                  I am interested and eager to learn Latin. This language is not being taught in our school.


                  Yes, please do! I'm interested


                  thats a really good idea! you have my support in this one! i love you!!


                  I agree we should do this! I would be willing to help beginners!


                  latin nowadays is considered dead which is why we should learn it, i mean if we can learn it then it could help us progress in the art of not only languages but it helps us in english


                  i believe we should be able to learn latin, not only for knowing it but it can also aid us in other languages which branch off of it as there is many latin based languages on duolingo at this time. not to mention, many secondary and post secondary schools teach latin and this website could be used to aid them.


                  I find it rather difficult to see what the status is on a latin course for english speakers. Is there a course pending or not? Anyway, here is my vore for a latin course.


                  i would like to learn Latin too, as we don't have it at school.


                  This discussion seems to be finished time ago, however i'd love to learn Latin. Maybe it's time to start it?


                  I did a bit of latin in high school and would love to refresh it!


                  Is there any news on adding Latin to the incubator?


                  Seems great! I'd also help create it too!


                  I think this would be great because it would help to work as a basis for many of the languages available on this platform already


                  I would be willing to contribute!


                  Please add a Latin course! I use a couple of Duolingo accounts and I've always wanted to add Latin to my repertoire! :) I see that you're adding Klingon, so I suppose Latin wouldn't be too difficult...? Thanks a bunch!


                  Latin would be great for those doing it for GCSEs. Even just having vocab would be amazing.


                  I would like to learn Latin very much, too. I think it's a great ,,language''.


                  Why did you put the word language in quotations?


                  Because it is a dead language (it isn't a mother language of any today's countries) but I still find it quite interesting and would love to learn it :)


                  I do really not care if it goes on or not I will probably not learn it but I might


                  We need to have latin! It's a world known language that has influenced many other languages. This would help me study for my medical classes and my latin class!! I am very interested in this language! Thank you!


                  Add my vote. I've been learning latin with Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, but having Duolingo to add to my practice would be awesome.


                  I wholeheartedly agree!


                  I would love to have a Latin Course. Italian pronunciation please.


                  I'd like to learn Latin so I can understand people speaking or singing in Latin in Church!


                  Oh, I am Pinhead Larry for not realizing or even thinking that this thread ever existed: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 That would have taken me to the right place and prevented me from clogging up the forums.

                  Anyway, I have been thinking about whether to learn Latin or not, and after months of deciding, I believe that it would be one of the best things that has ever influenced my life. I have three reasons for doing so:

                  1. It gives us a better idea as to how languages based on this classic Italic (Romance) language work.

                  2. I actually want to study this classic language to be able to construct my own fictional language, based primarily on German and Latin.

                  3. I, of course, want to learn this language mostly to satisfy my curiosity.

                  That would change how I think that modern language works forever, and it will be among the best things that have ever happened to my life. I am happy that this website has Hebrew and Greek, useful for reading Scripture, but Latin would never be devalued on this website.


                  Habere Latinam in Duolingo nobis necesse est!


                  Wonder, though, what pronunciation would be used: the classical or the ecclesiastical, which is the one that is still officially used and spoken today


                  I'm of course biased, but I would choose to do the classical pronunciation. Ecclesiastical grammar has deteriorated over the centuries, so we would undoubtedly use classic grammar. It would be odd to choose the grammar of one and the sounds of the other.


                  agreed. nothing like classical! : )


                  I guess what I'm saying is ecclesiastical Latin grammar is "deteriorated" compared to the classical since much of today's ecclesiastical was actually how Latin speakers spoke outside of great literature


                  True, you'd have to decide which one you're going to teach first, but to be fair the ecclesiastical is simply the common, spoken form of Latin (the Vulgate was written, after all, to be in the Latin spoken day-to-day). I love the great Latin authors (particularly Livy), but they may not be the best ones to start out learning. After all, you don't teach someone English using Shakespeare, you teach them the day-to-day stuff first, then move on to the great authors


                  Latin would be extremely beneficial to me and my area of study. I would love it if Duolingo would add it to the database.

                  [deactivated user]

                    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss. This is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    YES I WOULD LOVE A LATIN COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                    Yes please! I'm doing Latin for my GSCE's and that would be sooooooo helpful x


                    I wish that there is Latin course on Duolingo.


                    I would love for this to happen! If I learned some Latin, it could help so much for learning the Romance Languages. I'm learning French, and Je parle le Français bien, but learning Latin would help so much more with all the others, rather than just a Romance Language.


                    If languages such as Klingon and High Valyrian are permitted, there are no reasons for Latin not to be here =( and the approach in the "duolingo way" would be amazing, and a lot better than the "school way", because they always teach it just for translating and not for speaking, and I believe a language, dead or not, is to be spoken, and even if you want to translate texts, it's easier to fully undersand the language if you learn to speak it. I only miss two languages in Duolingo, Finnish and Latin. Sadly I can't contribute =(


                    I would love to learn Latin


                    That is funny: Duolingo has High Valyrian and Klingon courses, that is, languages from fictional worlds of commercial movies, and has not Latin. Lol.


                    I really want this course!


                    I do not know why it did not come already, duolingo can revive the whole language -slowly of course- by adding just this course and many people are interested in it. I believe that Duolingo should at least give us details about future languages and if Latin is going to be one or is in the plan for them.


                    I would love to learn spoken Latin. Duolingo has Klingon and High Valyrian, why not add Latin?


                    I vote for this language! Need it!


                    I want the Latin course too here on DL!!! Considering the enormous Latin vocabulary, this course will need a big tree to have a basic learning.


                    I whole heartedly agree


                    Ok, they have 4 contributors working on Klingon and 6 working on High Valerian, surely we have enough contributors to add Latin to the list of languages in the incubator, right?


                    Yes, please. Let’s learn Latin! Would any expert please mentor this ?


                    I feel that though even Latin is no longer regularly spoken, knowing Latin would be helpful for finding out the roots of English words, as well as making the daughter languages of Latin easier to learn.


                    I'm in as a learner. I don't know enough to contribute. But I would be willing to be a beta tester or something.


                    I would really love to learn latin here.


                    How many people have to say they are interested and how many people have to volunteer to contribute? I get notifications daily of people like me who want to see Latin on DuoLingo - and this archive is full of people who have indicated willingness to contribute. Let's get Latin started!


                    Yes please, duolingo would be highly appreciated in duolingo


                    Slightly off topic, but have you ever heard of Nuntii Latini, the weekly news broadcast in Latin on the radio and the internet by YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company? You can read and listen to it here: https://areena.yle.fi/1-1931339.

                    The sad thing is, YLE is about to put an end to Nuntii Latini. If you wish to hear Nuntii Latini even in the future and want to show your support, sign this petition. In Latin only: https://la.petitions24.com/appellite_ut_nuntii_latini_continuentur In Finnish and Latin: https://www.adressit.com/ylen_latinankielisen_viikkokatsauksen_nuntii_latini_on_jatkuttava


                    I really want to learn Latin, Duolingo please start a Latin course!


                    Duolingo has helped me SO MUCH with modern languages, but LATIN is what is missing! I do it at school and love the idea of a course! ^_^


                    Please add a course in Latin!!!!!!!!

                    My mother knew a fair amount of latin and she said that it was extremely useful in learning European Languages, since so many of them have some basis in Latin.

                    I hope that you do start this course, and if you do, it will be the next language i begin learning after i have tackled the German and Spanish Trees!!!


                    3 years and still no Latin course?!! Come on Duolingo, I need some Latin in my life!


                    Add Latin on Duolingo, pleeease


                    CARTHAGO DELENDA EST


                    AMABO TE AMABO TE AMABO TE!!!! I"ve been taking Latin for six years since fifth grade and it has been EXTREMELY useful for me. I would gladly contribute to the course too!


                    Have you thought about applying? Go to https://incubator.duolingo.com/ Click on the Contribute to a Course and follow the prompt. By the way, Latin is not listed as a course to contribute too. But, if you go to the bottom of the Language list, the last entry if you select it, will allow you to manually enter Latin. All the other prompts and information are straight forward. I even submitted my contributor application myself even though I don't know Latin. Please apply if you wish we need you! Thanks!


                    Latin would be amazing on Duolingo! Having taken classes, it has already helped so much with french! Plus, Latin is the language of science and makes it so much easier to learn any other Indo-European language!


                    Ego loqui Latin!


                    My wife and I would love it if Latin were available!


                    Hope we get a Latin course soon! That would be an amazing tool to help better understand this incredible language!


                    I would love to see Latin added!


                    I would love to see Latin on Duolingo. It's not a language many people use every day but it's necessary in many professions.


                    Is there a group to join?


                    I just found a new Latin language app with audio in the Apple store. It is called Learn Latin Audio Flashcards. It has 500 words with audio and a clickable audio index. I haven't come across an audio flashcard app like this for Latin before.


                    I wouId love Latin to be on here. :)


                    I'm a Latin teacher, am in favor, too, and have offered to help contribute -- the "Stories" feature they have begun with Spanish would work well with Latin, teaching reading comprehension more than speech.


                    Latin and Ancient Greek languages were considered to be a 'must' for any person versed in science fields, that in European universities until the '50ies of the XX century. Nowadays you could be talking with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) PhD's and they do not know a word out of them. For any science-related expert it should be mandatory to have solid skills in these ancient languages, simply because… literally the whole history of science was created upon those two (and Arabic, if we talk about the ancient mathematical tradition).


                    I would take a course on Latin for English speakers. My interest is religious and historical study.


                    Latin would be brilliant I would love to learn Latin it would be amassing to be able to look at the scientific name of a plant or animal and understand what it means and why it was called that or to be able to read the crumbling pages (or maybe a photocopy of the crumbling pages ) of an old book or (possibly the Hogwarts school motto in a not so crumbling new book) Latin has effected our language and our lives so much it may have lived as a language of an empire but it has been reborn as a language of the world having a Duolingo course would do so much for Latin BRING ON LATIN


                    I would love it if Duolingo did Latin. I have the book Lingua Latina, and enjoy it; have Latin lesson once a week, but it's not enough. Come on Duolingo: there are enough positive responses here to get you going!


                    How do you take Latin lessons? I've been trying to find a tutor for forever.


                    Not going to lie... I've been wanting to learn Latin mostly because of lines in movies... like when it is spoken in the Exorcist, or the whole "Levi-o-sa" stuff in Harry Potter.

                    And of course my favourite, "There is no J in Latin, so Jehova is spelled with an I!"

                    So, I'll be another person here whose main draw has been destroying artifacts from improbable sites that the more interesting parts is the OOParts that comprise the traps to the artifact (with the traps Indiana is dodging being the most valuable part of that dig site)... with a bit of Harry Potter thrown in... now... what if we combined Indiana Jones with Harry Potter... hmmm...


                    Please add a Latin courses for English speakers


                    yes, I love latin, I am learning Greek currently but I really prefer latin...


                    Your learning modern greek not ancient greek fyi.


                    I would like to learn Latin.


                    The more Latin speakers, the better! Let's get this course going!


                    I vote for Latin. Moderators please add Latin!


                    I know, right? Honestly, I think learning Latin will help us further understand our own language and other languages. Since it's sort of like a core language, it might help learn other languages too! Also, for some reason, I have an interest in Greek and Roman gods... couldn't hurt.


                    I vote for this as well! I completely support this becoming a course! I am always baffled when I'm handed a latin root quiz, and would love to learn it.


                    I want to add Latin to my list. Unlike most of the other languages I speak/learn, I don't have any opportunity to practice it in my daily life. (No Latin speakers)


                    I am going to study Latin in an exercise Latin book but I am not sure that it shows how to speak Latin. So if only Duolingo created Latin it would be very very nice!


                    That's awesome that you're planning to learn latin from a book! If you are still trying to learn pronunciation, there's a few quality youtube channels (in particular latin-tutorial) that you can find that do a very good job! Good luck!


                    I'd love to learn Latin. First off I'm learning Italian so they would both help each other and plus it would be really fun to actually learn.


                    I'd like to see a Latin course. In particular I am interested in learning Latin words that serve as the base of modern scientific and medical vocabulary although I would rather learn this as part of an actual full language course and not just a list of words to memorize.


                    My Latin teacher, just by knowing Latin, knows how to speak, read and write in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and can speak English better than the English teachers can themselves! I would understand why Duolingo would stall, or objectify, this idea, because learning Latin root words isn't too hard; it's the grammar and context for the endings of the words that makes it seem nearly impossible to learn Latin. To learn what context the endings of these words are supposed to be, my Latin teacher has something called the "Synopsis of Paradigms". A book of all reference points that are needed to configure, write and/or speak the language correctly. Keyword: BOOK. there are so many endings for each and every word, that a BOOK is required to know how to form a sentence. This is the main reason why Latin is so hard to learn: it is the endings. So if there is some way to make learning Latin easier, that would be nice, but all in all Latin is a language that should be taught on a website that teaches languages, mostly Western, which will give more insight on how sentences are formed and learning more words in different languages too. So Duolingo, I ask you in favor of all people, including me, to teach Latin on your website. Thank you.


                    Hello there, I must disagree about the fact that Latin is inherently hard to learn and I offer you this comparison with the Finnish language (Suomi), which is the perfect natural candidate to drive you nuts. Let's take the example of the declination cases:

                    – Latin (cases) : #6 (plus the 'locative' case, which is extremely rare)


                    – Finnish (cases): #15


                    Latin, in comparison to Suomi, is a walk in the park. The following is a quite famous joke, which is thoroughly true:



                    I began Latin in middle school, and added Ancient Greek in college to be a Classics major. I found Latin very easy up to a point, then began to find it more difficult than Greek because of duplication of forms for different purposes and something about word order that I found counterintuitive. There was something about Ancient Greek that fit better for me as a native English speaker.


                    That's super interesting! I had the opposite experience learning Latin and Ancient Greek (I learned Latin all through high school and then also learned ancient greek in college) and I found that personally I can usually read latin pretty easily (depending on the text of course) but greek gives me so much trouble! I find that Latin makes more sense to me as a native English speaker and Ancient Greek is super counterintuitive!


                    I want to learn Latin so bad! I am honestly suprised duolingo doesn't already have it as a course!


                    I think Latin would be a wonderful idea for those studying for their SATs or GREs here in the United States. It is also good to know when attempting to translate old Latin documents and those who love to learn about languages


                    I just volunteered to contribute to a Latin course. Hopefully something good comes out of it.


                    YES!!! Latin is still actively taught in high schools. So adding it to Doulingo would really help!!


                    Hi, guys. I study latin on my own. Just books. And I need help with translations of two sentences. I would appreciate your assitence. So:

                    "Puellam bonam et pulchram amō." Does it mean "I love good and beautiful girl."?

                    "Sapientia virōrum perītōrum saepe ā poētīs cantātur." Does it mean "The wisdom of experienced men is often sung about by poets."?



                    1: Very close! For better English, you should add an article (a/an/the) to the sentence. Latin doesn't have these, so we have to insert them wherever it makes sense. "I love a good and beautiful girl" or "I love the good and beautiful girl", depending on what context sounds right to you.

                    2: Excellent! You COULD also do "Experienced men's wisdom is often sung about by poets", but that sounds super clunky. Your version would be the better one.


                    I WANT TO LEARN LATIN WITH DUO !!!!! PLEASE !!!!


                    I'm going to add my name to the list of people who have generated 841 comments already and want LATIN! I haven't found a single place yet that I was able to learn it from, and I really hope that DuoLingo answers the call!


                    I'm VERY interested in learning Latin. I understand it's "dead", but it's the mother to all Romance languages, and it's one of the most influential languages in the history of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and parts of the Middle East. The Roman Empire has arguably the most important impact on Modern and Ancient Europe, and the language alone would unlock more possibilities both historically and linguistically. I'm honestly surprised it isn't an added language already, being so popular among linguists for its sheer impact on the Romance family tree. If it were up to me, I would make it the official language of another country if I were to run that country, making it a required course, and all citizens would have to pass a fluency test to be able to have legal rights XD I kid, but still. Beautiful language, and it would be wonderful if we could learn it.


                    I am not sure why it is taking Duolingo so long to move forward with Latin. While we wait, you may want to check out Latin at Mango Languages https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-latin/


                    They may be having trouble finding Latin experts to put together the course.


                    I sort of doubt that finding Latin experts is the hold up. I know that I have already told them that I would be willing to help put the course together and I've seen many posts with people who would also be willing to create the course. Lack of interest in both the expert side and with users is not the problem.


                    I am surprised to hear that about Latin experts, but it makes me hopeful.


                    Mango Languages looks like a neat site. "Gallia est divisa in partes tres!"


                    I am not sure why it is taking Duolingo so long to move forward with Latin. While we wait, you may want to check out Latin at Mango Languages https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-latin/


                    I am not sure why it is taking Duolingo so long to move forward with Latin. While we wait, you may want to check out Latin at Mango Languages https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-latin/


                    I am not sure why it is taking Duolingo so long to move forward with Latin. While we wait, you may want to check out Latin at Mango Languages https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-latin/


                    I am not sure why it is taking Duolingo so long to move forward with Latin. While we wait, you may want to check out Latin at Mango Languages https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-latin/


                    PLEASE DO LATIN!!!!! It is the root of many languages and should definitely be on a language learning website!!!! I know a lot of people who do latin (at school) who would appreciate a supplemental help with it!!!


                    I have been waiting for Latin to be added for years! I would love to learn it and make this happen!


                    Yes, I am in! I'd love to learn Latin!!! We need to get Reginald Foster to work on creating the Latin course for Duolingo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inQ6CWx7V2c (ignore the fact that it's on Fox)


                    Get Reginald Foster


                    I would love Latin to be an option on here! Its such a great language in the sense that once you know it, it's easier to speak any European language, as the majority of them are based on Latin anyway. Unfortunately, I don't speak the language, but I urge anybody who does to contribute!


                    Latin would be a great course to add as many words are used in other languages, Romance languages by development and other European languages by adoption. Very useful even in better understanding our native languages. I hope this becomes available.


                    PLEASE do a Latin course!! If you can do Klingon....


                    I would be very interested in learning Latin on Duolingo.


                    Yes, let's learn Latin! After English, Latin is the language I use most often, and it would be great to practice with Duo.


                    I would love if Duolingo added Latin, I am learning it in school. Learning Latin can help know more words in English, because of Latin roots. It also helps you learn the Romance languages. Last year, I had a bad Latin teacher, so I would have, and will love a Duolingo to supplement what I am doing in class, as well as help me do well in class.