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"Olcsók vagyunk és házhoz is jövünk!"

Translation:We are inexpensive and we deliver too!

July 28, 2016



It is bizarre, how very slight nuances can change the meaning so much. When I first translated this, it made no sense to me. I imagined cheap friends/relatives/neighbors coming over to be cheap in my house. It sounded like a threat.

The main "correct" translation still doesn't really capture the real meaning, either, which (I guess) is a business that delivers cheap stuff right to your door.


Yeah, it's a business slogan/motto. I prefer your "delivers cheap stuff right to your door" to the original.


How about "affordable" or "low-cost"?


I didn't think it was saying the stuff was cheap, just that they don't charge much for the service.


Literally it doesn't states if the stuff is cheap however logically you may think of it. I like your translation that's quite close to the meaning of the original :)


I thought it was less of a threat and more like, ‘Yeah, we’re cheap so we’re just gonna hang at our place.’


I was also puzzled. Thanks to Spiraldancing for providing a meaning that makes sense.


I could not figure out what was being said in the second half. I had to turn on the Word Bank to figure it out. I reported the audio.


Clearly lots of English speakers have a problem with the translation.

"We are cheap" means "we don't like spending money" rather than "our products and services are cheap/affordable"

A better translation (still not yet accepted by Duo) is "We are cheap and we also deliver" or "We are cheap and we also come to your home"


...even that I'm thinking still has negative connotations that aren't included in the Hungarian.

Advertisers use words like "budget", "low-cost", "affordable", etc to avoid the unfortunate double-meaning of being low-value, shoddy, or even stingy or miserly.


This translation makes sense. I wish our doctors would advertise that way too.


This is a weirdly suggestive sentence.


Why is just "házhoz" a correct way to say that, "a házhoz" not being the basic translation?


Because it's just a generalisation, not a specific house.


This is the target answer according to the system: We are inexpensive and we come to the house too! I wrote: We are cheap and we also come to the house. Why is it wrong???


indeed a good phrase to know in Hungarian!

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