"The sun is already shining in April."

Translation:Áprilisban már süt a nap.

July 28, 2016



Is "A nap áprilisban már süt" also correct or not? Could someone PLEASE explain the word order in Hungarian?..

September 11, 2016


I think it is because "süt a nap" means "the sun is shining" if you separate them as in "A nap áprilisban már süt" it would mean something more like "the sun in April already cooks/burns." So it makes more sense to keep "süt a nap" together and say Áprilisban már süt a nap." - In April already the sun is shining"

February 9, 2017


I tried it with: A nap már aprilisban süt.

November 1, 2016
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