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  5. "¡Ya basta de ver televisión!"

"¡Ya basta de ver televisión!"

Translation:Enough watching TV already!

February 1, 2013



Sounds horrid in English.


I had "Enough already with watching television" and it failed because they prefer 'of watching' to 'with watching' ... ah well, I need to repeat this block anyway.


Many of these should really have more accepted translations that don't incorporate the verb in the English translation. I know this is testing your knowledge of infinitive verbs but, for example, "Enough television" can only mean "That's enough television watching". You would never hear "Enough television" if somebody was lifting weights with televisions for example...

I do think such sentences should be accepted.

I guess one just has to make sure that one writes the infinitive in every given answer for the time being. Nobody would say "Enough watching TV already!" or "Enough TV watching!" either, it would always be "Enough TV already!" and so on.


I wrote "Enough television already!" for this one and it was accepted.


They're working on it, good to see.


' enough already' is an American usage, probably borrowed from German or Yiddish. In other English-speaking countries they'd probably use another construction, like 'That's enough TV for now '.


Juan, That's not American usage. "Enough already!" is used by itself as an exclamation of exasperation. I don't believe I have ever heard it used in a full sentence. Americans would simply say, "That's enough (TV, backtalk, etc.)."


Where is the first verb that means "ver" has to be in its infinitive form?

Is "basta" be a verb when it means "enough"?


The accepted answer I gave was That's enough of watching television.

I found the phrase in my dictionary Ya basta for That's enough!


That has enough of watching television was one of the alternatives and is NOT something one would say in English! There again, That is enough of watching television ought to be accepted as a better translation by far


"enough watching tv now" got rejected...

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