"Ők itt jönnek."

Translation:Here they come.

July 28, 2016

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Does the original sentence make sense in this case? It seems that the translation should be 'Here they come'. Or the sentence in Hungarian should be 'Ők jönnek ide'?


"Ők itt jönnek" sounds a bit unnatural to me, but in the proper context it is perfect. But on its own, I would lose the "ők". So, "Itt jönnek". And that would be a very good match for "Here they come".

The other way around, "They are coming here" could be "(Ők) idejönnek". Or "Ők jönnek ide", if you want to emphasize "Ők".


I didn't know you could use itt with jönni. I would also say it with ide.


Why not "They come here"?


I'm wondering if this is actually okay or if jönni actually needs ide.


I had to pick "They are coming here" from the word select thing, and got it marked as correct. Is that even a correct translation? Wouldn't I need to use 'ide' for that?


What's about: They are coming over here. Is it possible or not?

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