"What a stupid idea!"

Translation:איזה רעיון מטומטם!

July 28, 2016

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Should טיפש without the trailing י be accepted? Seems to be widely used.


That's more of a noun, like "imbecile" or "fool." טיפשי is more adjective-ish.


why is there a construct form for טיפש?


I don't think it's a construct here, just an adjective. Lots of Hebrew adjectives end in a yod (for masc. sing.), such as מודרני (modern) and אוסטרלי (Australian). I think it's one of the main ways a noun can be turned into an adjective, though I could be wrong about that.


There was a similar sentence using ספר טיפשי, which makes me wonder why מטומטם was used here. Would either have worked here? Stupid idea / stupid book. So what's the difference between טיפש ומטומטם


"tipshi" is also accepted as correct. As far as I know (still learning), the two can be used interchangably. But maybe a native speaker can tell us something about subtle differences.

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