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"The girls are at the train station."

Translation:Những cô gái ở nhà ga.

July 28, 2016



is it ok to use các instead of những? when to use which?


I believe that các is a plural indicator only for animals (humans not included), like in the sentenses "các con gà" (the chickens) and "cậu bé có các con dơi" (the little boy has bats).


No, it is not.

Basically, các is used for humans and animals, những for humans, animals and things, so they are quite interchangable.

There are still some combinations more idiomatic than others though: chào những bạn – hi guys would sound really weird, you should use các instead.

The pluralizer các is used to express that every or all elements of a group (within the context) are included, whereas những is used to say that only certain elements are included but not all. Examples:

Các người phụ nữ việt nam. – The vietnamese women (all of them without exception).

Những người phụ nữ việt nam. – The vietnamese women (some, not all of them).

As you can see, in both cases you have plural (women).


The sentence before (Người đàn ông ăn đu đủ = The men eat papaya) required the classifier người and this one (Những cô gái ở nhà ga = The girls are at the train station) apparently no. Why? Any Native's explanation would be warm welcomed!


"Những cô gái tại nhà ga", Why is it wrong?


I believe "tại" more appropriately means "to originate from," which would not be correct to say. "Ở" more correctly means "at."


Also tại is much more formal and only used in writing. Not really worth worrying about


Why is: "Những cô gái là ở nhà ga." incorrect? Without "la" it translates to "The girls at the train station." without the verb "are"...


I think it's because "là" and "ở" are both verbs, so having both is incorrect. "Ở" already implies "are at."


I believe we only use là before nouns... But, yes, the sentence does say The Girls At The Trainstation... I think đang is missing.


Là is an identifier. In English, the "is" in this sentence is more of a tense marker. If you wanted to emphasize tense in the same way and sound more natural you could say "những cô gái đang ở nhà gà" where "đang" marks present tense


I used ...Cac go gai o nha ga...and got Correct


When is cac correct and when is nhung correct? Sorry I don't currently have a Vietnamese keyboard, so no accent marks.


In English Guy is gai, masculine


Can someone please verify if nhà ga means train station or if it possibly may mean "gas station?" Thanks.


trạm xăng = a gas station; a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car (xăng = gasoline). The noun nhà ga comes from french gare, which means railway/train station.


tôi rất thành thạo tiếng việt


tôi biết tất cả câu trong tiếng việt


Cofused using gai

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