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"A kis, szürke egerek a konyhában vannak."

Translation:The small, grey mice are in the kitchen.

July 28, 2016



What is the difference between kicsi and kis? Is kis just a shortened form of kicsi?


Yes, it is. And it can only stand in a compound word or in relation to something. "Kicsi" can stand on its own. I wrote about it in detail somewhere and I'm sure others did, too. If I knew how to find it....

Probably here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16651959


Ah, thanks for that bit of information! I know, I wish there was an easy way to find previous discussions. There is the search feature, but it's not very good. :/

Köszönöm a választ! :D


I just found it! :) You can also 'Follow' a discussion, then it will stay on your own followed list.


Though if you're a learner like me, you'll follow hundreds of discussions so that if a question there has no answer, you will have notified if someone posts an answer in the future!

Also, I had hoped that frequent helpers would follow many discussions so that if later users post questions, they can help those as well.

Otherwise, once a question is a day or two old, they might never come back to it again and then the sentence discussions become echo chambers for learners talking to themselves.


I think part of it is automatic, once you comment on something. Personally, I am trying to stay on top of the discussions but stuff can slip past my attention. Anyway, if I can be of any help settling some debate, please feel free to write to me directly, with a link to the discussion, I will be happy to offer my two cents. And I'm sure I am also talking for many of us here. This is a very enjoyable experience so far.


Awesome! That's a helpful feature, especially considering you automatically follow a discussion when you comment on it.


Yes, they can quickly go down in the Activity log. :) But I have just a few items on my Followed list.


I have asked for this question to accept answers with "little" where currently only "small" is allowed. I see no difference between little and small.


This lesson introduces kis as a new word, but it already appears without explanation of what it means in a few general exercises before.


There are the small grey mice in the kitchen. Why does this sentence not accept?


A kis, szürke egerek a konyhában vannak." Translation:The small, grey mice are in the kitchen. vs: There are the small grey mice in the kitchen.

-------- two possibilities (at least ) jarek: duo's version is stating the existence of the mice and yours is pointing out their location. and, your version should be: there, in the kitchen, are the small grey mice . but i don't really know duo's reasons much of the time, so i could be wrong, too . . .

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