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  5. "Milyenek azok a piacok?"

"Milyenek azok a piacok?"

Translation:What are those markets like?

July 28, 2016



Can this also be translated as, "What kind of markets are those?"


As far as meaning goes, it's pretty much the same thing. But grammatically you've changed "those" from being an adjective ("those markets") the way it is used in the Hungarian sentence, to being a pronoun, so it is structurally kind of different; just something to be aware of, I guess.


And that would be "Milyen piacok azok?" or "Azok milyen piacok?".


I think "how are those markets" should be accepted. Anything wrong with that?


The question is, 'What are the markets?' once the good answer is 'What are those markets like?', and sometimes 'How are those markets?'. Then what's the good one now?


If you told us the reply or range of replies I'm sure we'd answer with the appropriate question. "What are the markets?" Well, they're traditional markets or modern markets, food markets or clothing markets, etc. "What are those markets like?" Well, they're reasonable/expensive, or bustling, etc. "How are those markets?" Well, they're running smoothly or recovering from a disaster, say -- their state of late. As far as I know it should be "What kind of markets are those?" Certainly that's what I believe they've taught me at first. That would limit it to stock markets, young ladies wear markets, etc. Or how about "What's with those markets?" That has attitude; it's cool yet visceral. That would get you that they're on the rebound and trying to make a mark, or that they've overstocked and have to clear things out. More the insiders' story . . .


"Milyen" conveys "Describe it, typically using adjectives". So, in this case, "Describe those markets" - I think this is closest to "What are those markets like?". Colloquially, I think one can make the analogy with "How is the weather" ("Describe the weather" and definitely not "How does the weather feel") and say "How are those markets?". For me as a non-native, that seems rare but it's not my business to decide.


I said market places....not accepted!

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