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  5. "Nie lubię historii."

"Nie lubię historii."

Translation:I do not like history.

July 29, 2016



Historia jest najliepszy przedmiot.


That would be either "Historia to najlepszy przedmiot" or "Historia jest najlepszym przedmiotem (w szkole)" :)


Herodot obraca się w jego grobie


“Those who do not like history are doomed to repeat it.” — George Santayana (1905), »The Life of Reason«. Paraphrased by me.


Could it also mean "I do not like the story" or "I do not like stories"?


I think I could accept "I do not like stories" (in general), added. I also guess I can't totally reject the singular interpretation, although it's a lot less likely. But for "I do not like the story" (I don't like the story that I'm hearing right now, right?) that should take another verb "Nie podoba mi się ta historia" (yeah, better make it 'this story' or otherwise it's "lubić" is for general things, for some more longterm opinion. Perhaps it could be "I don't like the story" if we're talking about a video game and you love the graphics and the gameplay but not the story, so it's now a general opinion about a game you already know well.

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