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  5. "Szare mydło"

"Szare mydło"

Translation:Gray soap

July 29, 2016



That's great marketing, that is! Which colour says clean to you? Grey!

We also sell yellow kitchen roll and brown toilet freshener.


Szare mydło - Laundry soap

"Szare mydło" has nothing to do with color gray... It is actually pale yellow or creamy white. In times when laundry detergent (proszek do prania) was not available yet the laundry soap (szare mydło) was used very commonly. It is called "szare", because in contrast to fancy, colorful, and fragrant soap for personal use (mydło toaletowe) it is very basic, plain (szare), and most likely not as harmful as other types of soap.


savon de Marseille, quoi...


why do i keep mixing up stare and szare ... the translations are crazy


Btw, szare mydło is the sort of plain, homemade soap that you can buy at organic stores in Warsaw. They cut it off of a big block. Just plain soap, no scents or anything added.


Shouldn't it be grey not gray as the main translation? Gray being american and grey being english.


The American translations come (usually) first, as Duolingo is an American company.

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