"These are beautiful and new fridges."

Translation:Ezek szép és új hűtők.

July 29, 2016

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why do not we need article a here? ezek a szép és új hűtők.


The difference is just about the same as including / not including the article in English.

"These are beautiful and new fridges." Ezek szép és új hűtők.

"These are the beautiful and new fridges." Ezek a szép és új hűtők.


"These beautiful and new fridges." - with the "a"


I'm still unsure when to use plural adjectives such as újak and when to use the singular form (új). In this question, "fridges" is plural but its adjectives are singular. Can you help me understand?


Technical explanation: attributive adjectives do not take plural endings, predicative ones do.

Less technical: if the adjective is before a noun and is modifying it (as here with "szép és új hűtők"), then no plural ending.

If the adjective forms a kind of "... is pretty/new/..." construction, then it does: e.g. A hűtők ÚJAK "the fridges ARE NEW".


SO helpful. Thank you!


Someone please answer! I'm in the dark on this one, too.


I wrote "Ezek a hutok szépek és újak." Is this correct? (Sorry, I can't figure out how to do the double accent mark over the u and o on this new phone).

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