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  5. "A beautiful bird."

"A beautiful bird."

Translation:ציפור יפָה.

July 29, 2016



Since ציפור is a masculine word, and presumably means male bird, why does יפָה. have the feminine vowels?


Actually, ציפור is feminine.


so some animals can be male or female but some are grammatically just male or female?


Well, both צִפּוֹרָה and צִפּוֹרִית are diminutive forms, ie. little bird, birdie. Zipporah was the name of Moses' wife, so it has become a first name for women too. If she likes it, you may call your darling a צִפּוֹרִית too. Therefore we do not have one word for female bird, but if you want to stress its sex, you may call it צִפּוֹר נְקֵבָה.


Fantastic lesson in itself.

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