"This lady is not in our group."

Translation:Ta pani nie jest w naszej grupie.

July 29, 2016

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Is the noun phrase 'our group/naszej grupie' in dative or genitive, and why?


I think it's locative just like the sentence about the restaurant I replied to earlier :) Whenever something is IN something, it's locative, for example:

  • in the bank = w banku
  • in the park = w parku
  • in the water = w wodzie
  • in the garden = w ogrodzie
  • in your head = w Twojej gÅ‚owie
  • in your dreams = w Twoich snach


Thanks. You're an absolute life saver!


I've written down that the feminine endings for the locative case are -(i)e, -y, or -i. How should I know that it is 'grupie' and not 'grupy'? Do I just have to learn the correct ending for each word?


Not necessarily. These three options depend entirely on the stem ending (in this case -p).



So being 'absent' from the group does not imply the genitive here?


Very good question. We also accept "Tej pani nie ma w naszej grupie", but I think the main difference between this and "She is not at home" is that we'd mostly interpret 'this group' not as a place. So it's not that she's not at some place, but that she's not a member of our group at all. So it's not really that she's absent...

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