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Hungarian Music Video Parody: Pamkutya

If you're looking for a way to pick up a little bit of modern (slangy) vocabulary, you could do worse than check out this parody video:


It's got a few things going for it: It's subtitled with the lyrics, a lot of which have meanings you can guess (or infer from the video), the tempo is slow and easy to understand. The phrases in the lyrics are short and mostly really simple grammatically, and the humor doesn't depend on tricky wordplay.

Let's just not worry too much about the singing.

There are quite a few words in there that I've seen here in Duo lessons. Here's a glossary for a few more which I haven't seen here yet:

élőben - live, IRL

élet - life

veszély, veszélyes - danger, dangerous

bolond - crazy

tolvaj - thief

kirabol (valakit) - rob / mug (somebody)

utolsó - last, final

perc - minute

pillanat - moment

hülye - stupid, stupid person

kaja - food, chow

nyomkod - push repeatedly ("mash buttons")

esküvő - wedding

szerez - get, obtain, acquire

ítél (valakit) - judge or criticize (somebody)

lop (valamit) - steal (something)

July 29, 2016

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I like this song :)

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