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"Én nem ismerek politikusokat."

Translation:I do not know any politicians.

July 29, 2016



Why is is "politikusokat" and not "politiKusakat" or politiKusokot??


"Politikus" and "politikusak" - when it is an adjective. "Political" and they "are political".

"Politikus" and "politikusok" - when it is a noun. "Politician" and "politicians".

And for the last "a", before the "t", I believe it will never be an "o", with any word. The suffix itself is either "-at" or "-et", when attached to a consonant. Or let's say the buffer vowel can only be "a" or "e" in this case. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Even for a word with only "o"'s:

doboz - box
dobozok - boxes
dobozokAt - (accusative) boxes

The same phenomenon can appear, for example, with the word "piros":

piros - pirosak - adjective
piros - pirosok - noun


And for the last "a", before the "t", I believe it will never be an "o", with any word.

Ezen nagyot röhögtem. :)

But for the plural accusative I think it's correct, I can't think of any exceptions either.


Thanks! :) You are absolutely right.:

homok - sand
homokot - (accusative)

One exception is enough. :) Let us leave the vakondokokat in peace...


When you pluralize a back-vowel noun, with some (many) exceptions "o" is the link vowel, just like here: politikus -> politikusok.

When you add the suffix "-t" to a noun in plural, only "a" (for back-vowel words) or "e" (for front-vowel words) can be the link vowel: politikusok -> politikusokat


I go by phonetic of the vowel at the end of the noun and go from there.
In this example - I didn't put the word "any" in the sentence, and got burned. "Én nem ismerek politikusokat" just means "I do not know politicians." How is "any" implied here?


By the two languages being different. Languages weren't meant for transcribing from one to the other. "any" is a particularly difficult word to deal with in all languages I know - in this sentence, "nem ismerek politikusokat" perfectly implies that the amount of politicians I know is zero.


And yet you happen to be winning all those EU contracts ;)


How would I say "I do not know any politicians" ?


Well, like this, see above.
You can also say:
"Egy politikust sem ismerek."
"Nem ismerek egy politikust sem."


It's good for you if you don't know any politicians

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