"They want sandwiches from you."

Translation:הם רוצים ממך כריכים.

July 29, 2016



Is it really incorrect to put ממך before כריכים?

July 29, 2016


I used סנדוויצים and it was not accepted. I live in Israel, and I hear everyone use the word 'sandwich'.

August 26, 2017



August 2, 2018


What's wrong with' סנדוויץ ? That's the word I learned from Rosetta Stone!

October 23, 2016


Maybe you have to use the plural form (like כריכימ)

October 23, 2016


Im not a native speaker but I feel like they want us to learn the Hebrew words for things. Sandwich is widely used in Isreal but its an English word. Kinda like using auto instead of rekkev .

August 3, 2018


Is there something wrong with writing this sentence like this, "הם רוצים כריכים מכם" they put it as "הם רוצים ממך כריכים" with the order of " ממך" and "כריכים" switched around. Am I wrong or is it OK both ways?

December 18, 2016


Please would someone explain why the following two sentences use a different word order?

The children find the candies next to you, "הילדים מוצאים את הממתקים לידך".

They want sandwiches from you, "הם רוצים ממך כריכים".

I don't understand why the Hebrew says in one sentence, "candies next to you" and the next, "from you sandwiches".

Please explain what the rules are. תודה

February 16, 2018


I think, a rule of thumb would be to put known facts before unknown facts. I can ask: "Where do the children find the sweets?" and answer: הַיְלָדִים מוֹצְאִים אֶת הַמַּמְתַּקִּים לְיָדְךָ (next to you being the answer) or I can ask "What do the children find next to you?" and answer: הַיְלָדִים מוֹצְאִים לְיָדְךָ אֶת הַמַּמְתַּקִּים (the sweets being the answer). It is a question of emphasis and of topic and comment.

April 4, 2019
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