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  5. "Who is she?"

"Who is she?"

Translation:Pwy ydy hi?

July 29, 2016



"Pwy yw hi" is the other regional way to say this sentence?


It is a variation, yes.


Apparently I have a typo and the answer should be "Pwy yw hi?" Yet "yw" is not available to select. Its probably because I used "dyw" rather than "ydy" incorrectly, but the typo message must be an error too


You do not say what kind of question it is, but either of Pyw yw hi? or Pwy ydy hi? can be used as a translation here, and either one might be suggested as a correction to an incorrect translation.

If it was a tiles question, the available tiles should allow one of those to be put together. If it was a 'type what you hear', only the one that is actually spoken will be accepted.


"Pwy ydy hi" is what's available in the tiles. But, I didn't know that was a valid translation, so i chose the same as the people above, thinking that was the closest option.

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