"These bugs are not coming out from under the beds which you are lying in, but from behind the wardrobe in which there are a lot of clothes."

Translation:Ezek a bogarak nem azok alól az ágyak alól jönnek ki, amelyikekben ti fekszetek, hanem a mögül a szekrény mögül, amelyikben sok ruha van.

July 29, 2016

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Feels like it still needs a little something, though. Let's just spruce that baby up a little.

Ezek a világoszöld bogarak nem azok alól az alacsony ágyak alól jönnek ki, amelyikekben ti csendesen fekszetek, hanem a mögül a magas szekrény mögül, amelyikben sok érdekes és régi ruha pókhálóskodik a tizenkét óvónő büdös cipője mellett.


I hope the system allows one typo!


Good Lord - I am just barely into Directional Conjunctions 3 and I understood this, except for az új szók!
világoszöld - light green (heh, világos + zöld)
csendesen - quietly
pókhálóskodik - "cobwebs"
------> (I saw "spider" in there; given my last name, learning this is a must).
-----> pók + hálosko = spider + mesh! háló = net; heh what a language!
büdös - smelly
cipője - shoes (possessive to the kindergarten teachers - I have not had that lesson yet!)


Nice analysis! It helped a lot with the Hungarian words!


You gotta learn wherever you can. Remembering it all is the hard part!


The sentence is so long that you can't even get to the "submit" button when it's presented in multiple choice!


I hope they don't do this one as a listening exercise.

Some of the listening exercises were rather grenzwertig (borderline?) already.


Only Ctrl+C Ctrl+V will help us here.


> when the course creators start having a little too much fun


These "bugs" are not coming out from the wardrobe, in which there are a lot of clothes, but from contributors, who had to much fun.


I had to use inspect element to view the comments on this one.


I feel bad for Hungarian learners.

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