"János is a tall actor."

Translation:János magas színész.

July 29, 2016

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My understanding is that "van" is used when talking about location and not when describing someone.


"jános magas van színész" why should there be no van here?


Take a look at the Tips & Notes for the "Basic 2" lesson. It's explained there.



I wrote the exact correct answer but still got a message that I have a typo. What can it be? There are no missing or wrong accents.


I thought "egy" was necessary here because of the presence of the adjective "magas"? I guess that's wrong so what's the rule?


It this type of sentence: János is a tall actor, This is a big house, That is a red car, (subject) is a (adjective) (noun), most of the time, it is correct with egy, and also without egy. Using it is a matter of style or personal preference.

Especially with professions, the article can be dropped. János színész. is better than János egy színész. (while the second one is still acceptable).

In general, considering all kinds of sentences, having "egy" vs not having "egy" is a more complicated question.


So János is a male name?

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