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"In the evening, I walk with my dog."

Translation:À noite, eu ando com o meu cão.

February 1, 2013



"Durante de noite, eu caminho com meu cao" was no good?


You can't say "durante de noite", it's "durante a noite". There's no preposition there.


I thought that there was no literal translation of "evening" and a general rule of thumb was tarde before dinner and noite afterwards. Is this true?


My Portugeuse dictionary says tarde means early evening and noite means late evening or night. I think it might be that noite means after dark and tarde before? Unfortunately Duolingo isn't accepting 'tarde' as a valid translation for evening.


I said, "na noite" and still got it correct. What I want to know is if one would really say "na noite", or is "À noite" more correct/common.

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