"Building too quickly is not safe."

Translation:Dydy adeiladu yn rhy sydyn ddim yn saff.

July 29, 2016

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Thanks everyone - I tried to paraphrase (unsuccessfully as it turned out) because I couldn't translate the original English sentence with any certainty. Oh well - dw i'n dysgu yn araf.


I translated this as 'Dyw hi ddim yn saff adeiladu rhy gyflym' but was marked as wrong - would my version be a correct alternative/ understandable?

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What you suggest is a similar sentence and is almost correct. Here's the correct version:- Dyw hi ddim yn saff i adeiladu'n rhy gyflym.


rmcode's suggestion is different to what the translation is asking for. In English, rmcode's sentence says, "It is not safe to build too quickly" which carries a different linguistic meaning to "Building too quickly is not safe." To use your sentence, it'd be, "Dyw adeiladu'n rhy gyflym ddim yn saff". The word "diogel" (ddiogel, after yn) could be used too instead of "saff".


That word order sounds strange. It is usually better to stick with the suggested anwers.


This was a long time ago but I've lived in Wales my whole life (South) and I hear this word order as much, if not more, than the suggested order.


Diolch unwaith eto

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