"The little girl is running away from the high building."

Translation:A kicsi lány elfut a magas épülettől.

July 29, 2016

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I wrote "A kislány elfut a magas épülettől" and it was marked wrong because of "kislány". Is what I wrote actually wrong?


Yes, and I think actually more normal than "kicsi lány"


I figured that would be the case, so I've already reported it. :D

Köszi a választ! ^_^


I think jsiehler meant "no". :) Anyway, "kislány" is perfect, "kicsi lány" is unusual but not wrong. I think it has to do with what words were originally included in the course. I have seen "kicsi" all over the course, even where "kis-" is the normal way. Please keep reporting these wherever you encounter them.


I didn't even notice they said yes instead of no — I just took it to mean that my answer was correct because of what followed. XD

I've been trying to use kis more instead of kicsi, so I'll definitely report anything like this that I come across.

Köszi! ^_^


What is the difference between épűléttól and épűlétból?


tól től - from, indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts. ból, böl - means from inside of something


A kislány a magas épülettől fut el?


I'm not sure what is wrong with "A magas épülettől elfut a kicsi lány"

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