"From Kati it is not weird: she is very childish."

Translation:Katitól ez nem furcsa: ő nagyon gyerekes.

July 29, 2016

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I get what they're saying here, but its rather awkwardly worded. The easiest fix is probably to add "Coming" to the beginning of the sentence ("Coming from Kati..."), but that might throw some non-native English speakers off. I, however, would probably most naturally phrase this more like "That's Kati [for you]: she's very childish" (an acknowledged snowclone), but that's probably more a matter of personal taste.


My answer was rejected because I didn't say, "Nem furca ez Katitól: ő nagyok gyerekes." Furca? Nagyok? Nem értem.


They're discussing about something that poor Kati has done revealing her childish character: this is why that 'Ez' is important and should emphasized. So why not 'Ez Katitól nem furcsa...'


Ez nem furcsa Katitól...

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