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"The recipes"

Translation:Les recettes

February 1, 2013



Wish they would put (m) or (f) after the translation when we hover over the word. No way to tell if 'recipe' is masculine or feminine.


Thank you. :) Oops, I mean: Merci beaucoup.


Try translate.reference.com which is a function of Dictionary.com. Among the many things it does when translating is indicate the gender.


Does anyone have a way for English speakers to remember how to spell this word? I've gotten the "row" syllable stuck in my head, so now I can pronounce it fairly easily, but I can't remember how to spell it. I'd rather learn it now, than have to look it up every time I want to write it.

When I was learning French in school, we'd write things by hand so I had more muscle memory involved, but I'm having a hard time remembering how to spell certain words that are new to me.


"recettes" starts like "recipes", doesn't it?


@phythonenfrancais you since you know that the word means recipes, then you can use the first three letters of the English word to help you remember that it is the first three. (Just remember that "e" in French tends to sound like [uh]--or the way [eh] would sound if you rounded your lips into an o shape), which is why rec it is not [rehs] but [ruhs]. Once you have that part down, the rest is easy as it rhymes with the last syllable of a word you may know: Annette. You know to add an "s" at the end because the article les lets you know it is plural, otherwise it would be la for singular.


Last time round I wrote 'the receipts' and it said I was wrong but it means both! I've just double checked it too. Annoying!


In Duolingo, "recettes" are not about money, but about cooking.


It's just a bit annoying because I am skipping through the levels using 'test out this skill' because I have a high level of French so I'm not actually going through the 'lessons' - and it does mean receipts, even if they haven't been teaching it that way for some reason, so they should accept it really.


my question is more cultural than grammatical. what is the difference between recipe/recette and invoice/facture? i'm brazilian. thanks.


Recipe refers to a list of ingredients that, handled in the way the author of the recipe suggests, should produce an expected result. Generally it is connected to preparing and cooking various food items.

Sometimes it is used to refer to situations where the ingredients are figurative but if handled in a certain way will produce a predictable result (sometimes with an unpleasant outcome) It is common to hear someone say ......that is a recipe for disaster....where they definitely are not talking about food.


When I went to look at how the word for "the recipes" it told me it was spelled as so: 'les receiptes' but when I put it in it counted it as wrong. Can somebody explain this to me?


"les recettes" has only one spelling, whether it means "receipts" or "recipes".

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