"May I have a cup of tea?"

Translation:Ga i baned?

July 29, 2016



O de?

July 29, 2016


That should at least be accepted, though "Paned" often implies "tea".

July 30, 2016


ga i baned o de is accepted as well. The usual meaning of paned is 'a cup of tea', if no other content is specified.

July 30, 2016


'Ga i panad' is a common abreviation to ask for either a cup of tea or for a cup of coffee. But technically you should specify 'ga i panad o de' or 'ga i panad o cofi'. To ask for a cup of hot chocolate, you'd normally just ask for hot chocolate which would be 'ga i siocled boeth'

July 22, 2018
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