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"ילדים, אתם צריכים לשים את הצלחות על השולחן."

Translation:Children, you need to set the plates on the table.

July 29, 2016



Should also accept "Children, you must put the plates on the table" I think


Must(חייב) and need(צריך) are two different things.


Sure - the issue is not so much with the Hebrew as with imposing unnecessary friction (or distortion of Duolingo's review scheduling) on English speakers - the modal semantics of 'must' varies regionally - not necessarily the same in South Africa and England as in the US, for example.


Shouldn´t they accept "Children, you need to put the dishes on the table"?


I have never said to set the plates on the table in my life. In New York, although we may set the table, we PUT the plates on the table.


In October 2020, “put the plates on the table” was accepted.


I am getting tired of looking endlessly for the right translation words. I know it is about learning Hebrew but some of these very direct translations make it actually hard to avoid "technical" errors even though the sentence is understood.

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