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"Nigdy nie słuchałem tej muzyki."

Translation:I have never listened to this music.

July 30, 2016



Russian: Ja nikogda nie sluszal etu muzyku.


Can Russian be written in Roman script?


No, but the Polish alphabet works pretty well anyway.


If you put in have that makes it perfect not imperfect


"have never listened" is present perfect, which has nothing to do with verb aspect perfective/imperfective. English doesn't have that.


Why not "I haven't ever listened to this music?"


Can we please add: I never have listened to this music.


That's not a natural or common construction. We would say "I have never..."


To me it’s very natural/ interchangeable. They both convey the same meaning.


Well, our British expert agrees with your answer, so... added.


"I've never heard this music"?


That would be Nigdy nie słyszałem tej muzyki.


Can i think of the meaning of this expression kinda like: "i've never got used to listen to this music"?


Not really. Never having listened to this music is not the same as getting used to listening this music.


What would it be the difference between :

-Nigdy nie słuchałem tej muzyki

-Nigdy nie posłuchałem tej muzyki

I thought the first could be a recurrent action in the past, therefore the person has never listened to the music, in a way that he has never got used to do this task. The second sentence would mean that he has never listened to it. Well, i`m a bit confused, i don't know if you understood X)


In English, there are no perfective/imperfective verbs, so the aspect of the verb is determined by context. Posłuchać just reduces the listening in general of the music to a specific occurrence of listening to the music. Since it's determined by context in English, the translation is the same in this case.


"Nigdy nie słuchałem tej muzyki" means that I'd never play it to myself (although it's not like it's impossible that I ever heard this type of music).

"Nigdy nie posłuchałem" rather doesn't make sense. "posłuchać" is like 'to listen for a bit'. "Posłucham muzyki" means that I will listen to the music for some time.

There's also the real perfective "przesłuchać", but it makes sense with something... complete. Like a song, or an album, but not 'this music'.

So let's say "Nigdy nie przesłuchałem tego albumu" suggests that I was supposed to listen to this album (this 'supposed to' part is something present in similar verbs: to watch, to listen to, to read) but I never did. "Nigdy nie słuchałem tego albumu", despite the imperfective part, is a simple "No, I never listened to it".

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