"The storm is coming."

Translation:הסופה באה.

July 30, 2016

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These mysterious synonyms just keep popping up out of nowhere.


What is a difference between הסערה and הסופה?

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What is the difference between a storm and a tempest?

You can treat these two words as synonyms. There may be some subtle cases where one is appropriate but the other may sound irregular, but generally, when you learn a foreign language you usually don't get such subtle differences.

If you're talking about a real storm - like when there are strong wind and heavy rain - you can use either. If your storm is metaphorical, like strong emotions within your mind, then סערה is appropriate, but סופה is not. If you're brainstorming you'll use a verb derived from סערה, we call it "סיעור מוחות", not anything derived from סופה.

So as a summary, use סופה only for weather, and only when the winds are strong. Otherwise, use סערה. In fact, you can always just use סערה.


Seems that סערה is way more common, and that there is a meteorological difference between the two.



I don't think we've seen that verb before, is it a synonym for באה or is it a storm specific word?


I moved on from the exercise so now I'm not sure but I think it was מגיעה. It was in a tap the words exercise, and the only word that I didn't know.

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The word means "arrive", so it's close to "come" but not quite a synonym.


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