"Kupuję połowę jabłek."

Translation:I am buying half of the apples.

July 30, 2016



Why sometimes pół and sometimes połowa? Another sentence used "pół jabłka"

July 30, 2016


Both are correct: "pół jabłka", "połowa jabłka". It's the difference between "half an apple" and "a half of an apple", I'd say.

You have something different here: "połowa jabłek" - "half of the apples" (half of the apples they had in the store, probably). "Pół jabłek" would be wrong.

July 30, 2016


Is połowa a different case or a different word with the same... root word?

May 24, 2017


Different words, even different parts of speech. "połowa" is just a noun, but "pół" is a numeral.

May 24, 2017


I think the English translation sounds a bit colloquial here by clipping the sentence and omitting the word 'of'. I would probably say 'I am buying half OF the apples' here. I know we readily omit small words and connectives in everyday speech but I probably wouldn't in this case.

August 8, 2016


Your sentence is the main translation, actually.

August 9, 2016


I am relieved! I thought the sentence was: Kupuję pół jablka. And that seemed pretty twisted. Poor dude!

October 18, 2016


Why not "i am buying half apples" as in i am buying apples that have already been cut in half?

February 9, 2017


Then you would have to make the noun for "a half" plural as well, so "połowy" jabłek. Or "połówki" jabłek, this would sound better to me.

February 10, 2017
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