"Siedzieliśmy w samochodzie."

Translation:We were sitting in the car.

July 30, 2016

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I totally fail at understanding the difference between the past tense in this lesson and the one we previoulsy went through... It seems to be a mistake to try and link them to past tenses in english, so could someone try and explain ? It also seems that there might be a connection with perfective and imperfective (or am i wrong ?) but to be honest i never quite got this either... I usually find polish to be difficult, but this is just totally puzzling to me.


Well, it would help me answer if the question was a bit more specific... this skill is for Past Tense forms of imperfective verbs, therefore the ones that focus on the duration rather than the effect of the action. This usually corresponds to Past Continuous, although yeah, there isn't a simple 1:1 equivalence.


Yes sorry, i wasnt being clear as i was just wondering what this whole lesson actually is about. I first thought it was a second type of past (the difference, in english, between for exemple 'i showed you' and 'i was showing you'. So at least now i know that the difference is between perfective and imperfective, not actually a second kind of past tense. And what i have to do is go back to this concept of im/perfective and try to understand it better..... Man those things are hard, especially when grammar even in my native language always has been a source of total incomprehension... Anyway, thank you very much Jellei !


You're welcome :)

Yes, I believe that the name of the skill may be confusing, but that's also due to its length restrictions...

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For comparison, how would you say "we sat in the car"?


Exactly the same way


I typed the correct answer and was marked as incorrect?


Might have been a bug, Duo sometimes does it.


"w aucie" is accepted.

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