"Milyen épületek magasak?"

Translation:What kinds of buildings are tall?

July 30, 2016

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With "milyen~what kind" and "melyik~which", do we have : Milyenek epuletek magasak ? = what kinds of buildings are tall ? (e.g. hospitals, banks, as general statements) Meliyk epulet magas ? = which building is tall ? (e.g. the one on the right, specific statement) Making the proposed translation "What buildings are tall?" a bit confusing. Unless I am mistaken and I don't get the meanings properly :-?


You're correct. "What buildings are tall?" is not a good translation of Milyen épületek magasak?, and "What kinds of buildings are tall?" would be better (at least in the context of these exercises).

Watch out, though, you're misspelling milyen.


Thanks for the confirmation ; and for catching that typo ily <> lyi ! I've edited the original post to avoid confusing others if someone reads this comment


I think there is some overlap between "what" and "what kind" sometimes, isn't there? Like in "Give me the key' What key??" It would be translated as "Milyen kulcsot?"


Also, your "Milyenek epuletek magasak?" should be Milyen epuletek magasak?. The word milyen behaves like an adjective - when it comes before a noun, it doesn't take any endings. But if it's playing a predicate nominative role (like Milyenek azok az épületek?) or otherwise acting as a noun (like Milyeneket találtál, "what kinds (of things) did you find?") then it does.


I'm not a native English speaker, but do you also say high buildings?


Not normally! If you talk about "the high building" then I think of a building that is located somewhere high up, like on a mountaintop, but not necessarily a tall building.


Tall ones, obviously


I wonder if "Magas épületeket magasak vannak" would be a grammatically correct, if somewhat snarky, answer.


No, not grammatically correct. You don't need the accusative case, and you don't need vannak.


Sounds right. Thanks for the consult.


I'd be interested in a situation where you'd actually use this question and what answer you would give.

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