"Who is using the car today?"

Translation:Ki használja ma az autót?

July 30, 2016

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Word order is a big question mark. What about Ki használja az autót ma? Is that acceptable, to put the ma at the end?


What about "Ki ma használja az autót?"


Most of the question words have to be followed by a verb (if there's one). All of the word orders are correct here, as long as you think of "ki használja" as one unit.

The only question words that don't follow this rule are the ones that refer to a noun instead of the action. "Milyen" and "melyik" are the only ones I can think of right now: "Milyen házat akarsz?" -- "What kind of house do you want?; "Melyik labdát választottad?" -- "Which ball did you choose?"

And also "kinek"/"minek", if they mean "whose": "Kinek a kutyája ül ott?" -- "Whose dog is sitting there?"


Thank you, that's very helpful. So the question-word has to go directly before the thing that it's asking about! Somehow I'd missed that part before.


I suppose even those follow the rule if you consider milyen házat or kinek a kutyája a single noun phrase that acts a bit like a question phrase.


Why not: ki használ ma az autót? Why use the definite form?


Because "the car" is definite -- it has the definite article "the" in it.

Similarly with az autót which has the definite article az in it.


Yes, naturally. Thank you. pianopalle


could this also be kik hasznaljak az autot ( english keyboard)


As long as you also add the ma for "today", that's a good translation.

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