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"Họ phải bóc lịch công ty của họ trốn thuế."

Translation:They have to go to jail because their companies evade tax.

July 30, 2016



What makes this mean companies instead of company?


I answered the singular as well. I think it’s indistinguishable in this form. Hope they will accept my answer for the future learners.


“...evade taxes” is also not accepted. Tôi bị tập nữa hihi


'have to go to jail' as shown. I chose 'must be jailed' Do they not sound pretty similar in meaning. Can you point out the difference?


They have to go to jail = they're forced to go to jail, the main verb here is to GO.

They must be jailed = they must be put into jail, the main verb here is to be JAILed.

It's subtly different.


What about "must go to jail"? Because I got marked wrong for that.

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