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"הסבתא אוהבת את כל הנכדים שלה."

Translation:The grandmother loves all her grandchildren.

July 30, 2016



ha-sávta ohevet et kol ha-nechadim shelah


They reject 'granny'! For shame!


Just curious: What is the mother of the grandmother called? In my mothertounge (norwegian) she is called "oldemor" wich probably stems from the English "older" and "mum". What is it in Hebrew?


You’re sort of right: the olde in oldemor is most closely related to the word Eltern in German, meaning “parents”. This is also related to the English word “elders” (older people).

In Hebrew: סבתא רבתא sávta rábta.


Why is there the extra א on grandmother when most feminine words just have either a ת or ה?

Is there some reasoning behind it, or is it just a quirk of the language? Are there other words like this?


Well, it is an Aramaic formation. The Hebrew word סָבָה grandmother is not much used, the Aramaic formations of family relations are felt to be more effectionate. The affixed א was originally the definite article in Aramaic (prefixed הַ־ּ in Hebrew), i.e. the grandmother, but has lost its force, so that it means nowadays granny in Hebrew. Often such words are being normalised, like גִּרְסָא version, reading is now written with ה, being interpreted as a feminine noun.

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