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2nd weekly Lingots for Stories: You're an artist!

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Here it comes: The 2nd edition of Lingots for Stories! You write a story in a language you learn (if you're native or fluent in a language you aren't allowed to write in that one) and post it here, it's controlled by someone who's native or fluent in that language and you get 1-5 lingots depending on how good your story is (orthography, vocabulary, grammar, style, execution of task all under the consideration of your current level).

Your stories are checked by: Me (German, English), jobsamuel (Spanish), gabriel007ss (French)

If there's anyone who'd like to correct as well or donate lingots, write a message on my stream. We still need someone for Portuguese and Italian to cover all Duo-languages!

These week's subject: You're an artist!

Imagine you're an artist of any kind (painter, actor, author,...) and write about an interesting incidence in your artist life.

I also want to thank everyone who wrote stories last week and especially my two helpers jobsamuel and gabriel007ss.

Have fun writing stories in foreign languages!

4 years ago

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I missed this last week -- sounds like fun. And tomorrow may be a snow day, so perfect for hanging around cursing when I can't come up with the right spanish for a story!

4 years ago