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How do I drop a language course?

I clicked on French even though I'm not learning it and now it shows it as a language I'm learning next to German. I just wanted to see what other language lessons look like and I don't want to see that French flag on my profile. How do I drop the course?

February 1, 2013



This question is asked regularly. See for instance this discussion that was posted yesterday: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/167095

At the moment, Duolingo does not offer the option of dropping a language.


That sucks, now when I go to my profile the first thing I see is the French lesson tree and not the German one which was my intention, because letter F comes before G. Fix this Duolingo!


When I go to my profile I see the Spanish lesson tree because that is the language I've selected at the moment. Are you unable to switch to German?


I am able to do that but the problem is I have to click on German, it shows French first.


If you click edit profile, go to the account tab, and then change which language you are studying in the drop down menui think that will change it back to german so that it will come up with that first :)

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You shouldn't have to click German if you see a German flag in the top bar. Please let me know if this continues to be an issue.

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