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"У вас є гаряча вода у квартирі?"

Translation:Do you have hot water in your apartment?

July 30, 2016



Are у and на interchangeable for "in"?


No, "у/в" is often (not always) "in," and "на" is often (not always) "on."


Although I did not get marked as incorrect I would like to understand why there is the word "your" referring to the apartment as part of the posted answer. Is this something that is implied by "do you have" This question could be posed to a landlord or to the occupier. In either case "the" would be more appropriate.


"Your" is implied because of "вас". "У вас є" = "Do you have", so if you're using "is there" instead of "have", to add back the feeling of "вас" you add "your". Answers with "Do you have" and "the" are accepted.


I wish Duolingo would give some guidance here. How am I expected to know water is female.


Somehow some nouns are marked with what gender they are in the hints and some are not.

Normally, in the hints for the adjective, the top suggestion that pops up will be correct (but not always, Duo has a flaw there). But not all the adjectives have gender in hints either...

I'm adding genders to the adjectives in the hints where I see them missing, and adding cases to the noun forms. Would you like to have genders marked in nouns as well?..

(don't know if I have time for that, just asking to get an opinion, hopefully from other people too)


Read the grammar notes maybe?

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