"Ten uczeń zawsze dostaje dobre oceny."

Translation:This pupil always gets good grades.

July 30, 2016



grades versus results

itsy bitsy

July 30, 2016


shouldn't 'oceny' also mean scores?

August 9, 2016


I've never encountered the word "scores" used in English for the grades/mark in school. If we're talking about some important exam's 'scores', like SATs or Polish matura exam, that's "wyniki".

August 9, 2016


Has instead of gets. Isn't it the same in this translation?

February 14, 2017


Well okay, the meaning is virtually the same, so let it be, added. But technically, that's "zawsze ma dobre oceny".

February 14, 2017


I think for this context dostaje most closely translates to gets/receives

March 22, 2017


Question. Do the Poles distinguish between to get versus to earn? I ask, as a teacher, out of curiosity. Here in the southern US most folks will say a students gets grades, some might say earn, but for me the adjective pupil is a bit formal so I would say that a pupil earns good grades. Like I said, just wondering?

October 30, 2017


No, I don't think we do. Therefore it seems like a valid answer, added.

November 6, 2017


"this student" should also be accepted since there is a tendency now both in the States and in the UK to refer to school pupils as "students"

May 9, 2019
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