"A rendőr ügyvédeket vár itt kint."

Translation:The police officer is waiting for lawyers out here.

July 30, 2016

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This seems like an example of the kind of "tricky" sentences I've heard people complain about. Namely, how are we supposed to interpret "itt kint"? I tried "here outside", although it admittedly sounds awkward. We've been taught that "itt" means "here" and "kint" means outside, but the combination of "here" and "outside" does not equal "out here", as I've heard it used:

outside, here = at our current location, not in a building

out here = at our current location, which is far away from another implied location

Right? Are they just considered equivalent in Hungarian?


I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say. But I think "out here" is a perfect translation of "itt kint". Does it have to be far away from somewhere? Not in Hungarian, absolutely not. Just outside, that's all.

In your two examples, you use a comma in the first one. You can do that in Hungarian, too.

Outside, here - "kint, itt". But "itt, kint" sounds better.

Out here - "itt kint". It just needs to be this word order, this is how it sounds natural in Hungarian. You could also say "idekint", which is pretty much the same as "itt kint".


I can only agree this is a very ambiguous question, and far more flexibility needs to be shown in acceptable answers.


"Out here" doesn't have to be far away. Example: Both of us are outside, you are looking for me at an outdoor café and you call me on your cell because you don't see me and I answer, "out here" (... at the table by the lady with the dog, or whatever)


Here outside seems to me acceptable, as well as waits instead of is waiting.


Here outside doesn't seem natural to me in English, unless with a comma suggesting a pause. Example: Looking for me at an indoor/outdoor café: " Where are you?" "Here." "Where? I don't see you." "Here, outside."


the policeman waits here outside for lawyers - I see the discussion below, but why wouldn't my sentence be correct?


Why only Present Continuous is correct?


"the policeman waits outside here for the lawyers" can it be explained why the above answer was incorrect? Thanks


Ridiculous. How is this not correct? The police officer is here outside waiting for lawyers

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