"My dog eats everything."

Translation:Mój pies je wszystko.

July 30, 2016

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Moj pies wszystko je sounds normal and natural to me. Is it not?


Not really. I mean, it's not necessarily incorrect, it just changes the emphasis.

In one case (Mój pies je wszystko), you're answering the question - what does your dog eat? He eats everything - meat, salad, fish etc.

In the second case (Mój pies wszystko je), it sounds like you're answering the question - what does your dog do with everything (with your shoes, carpet etc.)? He eats it.

Hope that clarifies the difference :)


I agree, it's not necessarily incorrect :)


"mój pies je cokolwiek" is a wrong translation? thanks (:


Yes, that's because "cokolwiek" means "anything" and there is a subtle difference between "anything" and "everything" even in English :)


ahhh ok!! indeed :) thanks


There seems to be about 4 different pronouns used in this exercise all with their own declensions. What is the difference for these four:

  • wszystko wszystek (adjective actually) perhaps this is the one being used in all these exercises?
  • wszyscy
  • wszystkie


First off, "wszystek" is pretty much never used in Polish, it's a very archaic form you would only find in poems written hundreds of years ago so you can completely forget about it.

As for the rest:

  • wszystko - that's the neutral version which literally means "everything", for example - "I want everything" = ja chcę wszystko, "he eats everything" = on wszystko je, "they have everything" = oni wszystko mają etc.
  • wszyscy - this means "everyone". "Who came to work today? Everyone did." = Kto przyszedł dziś do pracy? Wszyscy przyszli. Note that this is also the masculine version of everyone which brings me to the last point:
  • wszystkie - this is the feminine version of "everyone", but can also be used as "all", when referring to objects. For example - "all women are pretty" = wszystkie kobiety są piękne, but also - "all plates are broken" = wszystkie talerze są rozbite or "our son has all the toys" = nasz syn ma wszystkie zabawki.

That said, when it comes to the sentence about the dog eating everything, wszystko is correct, but you could also use wszystkie if the sentence would be: "my dog eats all types of meat" cause then you'd say: mój pies je wszystkie rodzaje mięsa.

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