"Ga i ofyn cwestiwn? Cei."

Translation:May I ask a question? Yes.

July 30, 2016



Gollum talking to himself...

July 30, 2016


Can "Cei" not mean "Okay" ? It sounds very similar and has the same meaning here, but is marked incorrect.

January 22, 2017

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'Cei' is the positive response to a question starting with "ga i?' (May I) and thus it should be translated as either 'Yes' or 'Yes, you may' or occasionally 'You may'.

If the response is to be 'Okay' or 'OK' then something like 'iawn' or 'o'r gorau' would be more appropriate.

January 22, 2017


I though 'ga i' was 'can I have'. This example doesn't involve possession at all but asking, where does the 'can I have' part fit into it?

August 24, 2016


In the tips and notes it mentions that it means just "may I + verb" , but "may I have + noun". You can scroll down at this page with your internet browser for the tips and notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Gai

November 11, 2016
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