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  5. "הילדות אוהבות ספרים."

"הילדות אוהבות ספרים."

Translation:The girls like books.

July 30, 2016



Is children instead of girls is suitable here?


Not really, because you say girls if you know the entire group consists of girls.

It goes like this in effect:

Yeladim - usually a mixed group of children, although it is possible that they are all boys. Still best to translate as "children" or "kids".

Banim - boys. No girls.

Yeladot/banot - girls. No boys.

(I've written in romanisation, just because the formatting goes haywire if you type Hebrew at the start of a sentence. The words are ילדים, ילדות, בנים, בנות.)


Пожалуйста! :)

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